10 Saddest d.eaths in House Of The Dragon, ranked

House of the Dragon’s first season followed in Game of Thrones’ footsteps by tragically killing off many of its characters.

The hit TV series Game of Thrones was renowned for never holding back in killing off characters. No one was safe, and the same can now be said for House of the Dragon. There has only been one season so far, but many sad deaths have already occurred.

House of the Dragon has not disappointed fans, and the story has only just begun. The Dance of the Dragons is on the horizon, and there are bound to be many more terrible and sad losses. To think the next season could be sadder than Season 1 is a wild realization for fans, considering the tragic deaths that have happened so far.

10 Rhea Royce Was A Victim Of Daemon’s Selfishness

Episode 5

Daemon’s first wife, Rhea, is met and lost all in the space of one episode. Daemon doesn’t see or spend time with his wife but decides to go and visit her. He doesn’t have good intentions, however, as he spooks her horse and bashes her head in with a rock.

Rhea lost her life because of Daemon’s selfishness and his obvious desire to leave her in the past. Divorce isn’t an option in Westeros and so, to be free of her, Daemon cuts her life short, and she suffers a sad and abrupt death.

9 Laena Got A Dragonrider Death

Episode 6

Laena chose to die by dragon fire over losing her life in childbirth. She wanted a dragonrider’s death and so, while still enduring labor and suffering complications, Laena makes her way over to Vhagar and instructs her dragon to breathe fire.

It is a sad death because Laena is still a young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Additionally, her death must’ve been incredibly painful. However, she manages to die on her terms and in her own way, which is admirable and brave.

8 Criston Murders Lord Beesbury For Speaking Up

Episode 9

Lyman Beesbury dies for standing up for what is right. He stood by the rightful succession of the throne and remained honorable even in the face of people who are more than willing to kill anyone who oppose them. Sadly, Beesbury became yet another victim of Criston Cole and his random bouts of rage.

Criston shouts at Lyman to sit down and then quickly tries to push him back into his seat. Criston uses so much force that he bashes Lyman’s head into the stone marker on the table. Beesbury was an elderly gentleman who presented no threat, and Criston used unnecessary force for speaking up in support of Rhaenyra.

7 Joffrey Is Murdered For No Good Reason

Episode 5

In one of the most gruesome murders, Criston brutally beats Joffrey Lonmouth to death. This is the moment Criston truly snaps, and his very violent self is revealed. He becomes a villain and hated character very quickly.

Not only does Criston kill Joffrey at Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding, a very public celebration, but he also does it in front of Joffrey’s love, Laenor. Tragically, Laenor is devastated and names his future child Joffrey in honor of his lost love. Joffrey’s death was needless and only came out of rage and misdirected pain.

6 Arrax Dies A Scary Death

Episode 10

The Blacks will need every dragon they can gather in the war to come, so it’s especially sad that they lose Arrax. The scenes of Aemond and Vhagar chasing Lucerys and Arrax are genuinely terrifying, as the largest dragon in the world hunts down and kills one of the smallest.

Sadly, there was never going to be a fair fight between a dragon that rivaled the size of the biggest dragon in history, Balerion, and Arrax. Balerion the Black Dread does reign number one, but Vhagar is second and is undoubtedly petrifying.

5 Baelon’s Death Impacts Many

Episode 1


Aemma endures so much while trying to give Viserys a male heir. Tragically, Aemma also suffered an untimely demise. Viserys pushes Aemma too far in his desperate attempts for a son, and she allows him as she knows it is her duty. However, her pregnancy with Baelon was to be the last attempt for an heir.

After Viserys makes the brutal decision to save his son’s life over his wife’s, it sadly ends in both Baelon and Aemma’s death. Daemon mocks this, labeling Baelon the “heir for a day” and celebrating the loss.

4 Viserys Has A Slow And Painful Demise

Episode 8


Viserys deteriorates mentally and physically as House of the Dragon progresses, and he loses his life near the end of the season. His death is sad for many reasons. Firstly, he is a likable character, despite his flaws, and his dedication to Rhaenyra is charming and admirable in a world that’s full of horrible relationships.

Additionally, Alicent misinterprets Viserys when he discusses the dragon dreams, and she uses his words to undo his legacy. He wanted Rhaenyra on the throne, but Alicent pushes for Aegon II. Tragically, the last words Viserys utters are “my love”, and it is clear he is reuniting with his love, Aemma.

3 Harwin And Lyonel Meet A Terrible End

Episode 6


Larys proves himself to be an evil and ruthless person when he plans and orders the death of his own father and brother. Harwin and Lyonel die while burning alive, and audiences listen to their heartbreaking screams. Larys plotted their deaths to appease Queen Alicent.

The death of Lyonel, the King’s Hand, allowed Otto Hightower to return to the position. Because of Larys’ actions, Rhaenyra also lost her lover, Harwin. Larys had them killed to show Alicent his loyalty, and so she would owe him favors in return.

2 Aemond’s Chase Ends In Lucerys’ Death

Episode 10


In Episode 10, Rhaenyra sends Lucerys on a mission to Storm’s End. Rhaenyra wants to ask for the allegiance of other houses and, at Jace’s suggestion, she sends him and Luke. Jace heads further afield, and Luke is sent to a closer location as he is younger and a less experienced rider.

Things end terribly for Lucerys. When he arrives, he sees Vhagar but continues inside to meet with Borros Baratheon. Aemond and Lucerys get into a fight, so Lucerys tries to fly away. However, Aemond joins him in the skies and, after a long chase, kills him. Fans see the pain in Rhaenyra’s eyes at the end of House of the Dragon and know that war is now inevitable.

1 Aemma Suffers From A Graphic And Horrifying Death

Episode 1

House of the Dragon begins with a tragedy: Aemma’s death. Many viewers called her death scene unnecessarily graphic and traumatic, as Aemma dies during childbirth. Viserys instructs the doctors to perform surgery, against Aemma’s will and without her knowledge, in an attempt to save their child.

The attempts prove fruitless as both Aemma and Baelon die. Viserys chose his unborn son over his wife and then loses them both. He lives to regret his actions and, in lieu of Aemma, begins to treat Rhaenyra with deep kindness and loyalty. It doesn’t change the past, however, and Aemma’s death continues to impact those who loved her.

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