A groundbreaking discovery: Dinosaur fossils found inside the 95-million-year-old crocodile skeleton leave scientists astonished

Not only have Australian scientists discovered a new type of crocodile, but they also speculate that the crocodile’s final meal could have been a dinosaur.

Confractosuchus sauroktonos, the name of the fossilized crocodile, was found on a sheep farm in the Australian state of Queensland. It is thought that the fossilized remnants date back more than 95 million years.

Researchers found the skeleton of a young juvenile carnivorous dinosaur within the stomach of an ancient crocodile when assembling the fossilized bones of the animal.

According to scientists, this is the first proof that crocodiles have eaten dinosaurs in Australia.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum stated: “The discovery of a small juvenile ornithopod in the stomach of a Cretaceous crocodile is extremely rare, as there is only limited evidence of predation by dinosaurs are known globally” .

Volunteers and museum employees made the initial discovery and excavation of the fossil in 2010.

Dr. Joseph Bevitt, a scientist at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), employed X-microscopic scanning technology. -neutron and synctron optics to establish the location of skeletal parts since the bones were too thin and tightly packed in a mass of rock to be removed.

After that, he sent the scan data to the museum’s associate researcher, Dr. Matt White, who set up the digital technology for the specimen. This effort required ten months of computer work to generate a three-dimensional reconstruction of the bone.

According to Dr. White, there are an astounding 35 percent of intact alligator bones. Its tail and hind legs are absent from the bones, but its cranium is almost whole.

“This freshwater crocodile was approximately 2.5 meters long and still growing at the time of death,” said Dr. White. Confractosuchus was not a dinosaur eater, but it was not one to allow its victim get away lightly. like the juvenile Ornithopod dinosaur’s remnants discovered in its stomach “.

The partly digested remains of the predatory bird, which weighed up to 1.7 kg at the time of its death, prevented scientists from identifying it even though it was still within the crocodile’s stomach.

Since the bones were discovered undamaged, it is possible that the crocodile swiftly consumed the juvenile dinosaur’s corpse or killed it immediately.

An ornithopod femur had been severed in half, and the other had been severely chewed, leaving teeth marks on the bone’s surface.

Dr. White stated: “In the absence of global specimens for comparison, this prehistoric crocodile and its last meal will continue to provide clues about the relationships and behavior of animals that lived in Australia millions of years ago” .

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