Discovery of a 5,300-year-old m.ummy, but it’s his dressing style that has archaeologists gasping

Animal skin was used to make the whole costume of the 5,300-year-old mummified hunter known as Otzi who was discovered in the Alps.

Scientists have discovered that the mummy is unique in that it has a trendy deer-skin bow and arrow quiver and a bear-fur cap.

The study team said that lambs, buffalo, cows, and goats were used to make the other components of Otzi’s outfit.

Otzi’s mummies was meticulously maintained. From its discovery in a block of ice in 1991, the mummy has been thoroughly examined by scientists.

The period of Otzi’s life was 3,359–3,105 BC.

The mummy was discovered close to the Austrian-Italian border in the Alps. This is reportedly the oldest naturally occurring human mummy in all of Europe.

Scientists from the European Academy Bozano in Italy have published new discoveries in the journal Scientific Reports.

Otzi’s quiver and headgear are descended from two wild species, the brown bear and the deer, according to genetic study. Sheep and goat hides were also used to patch up the mummy’s coat. Furthermore, he’s got on tights composed of goatskin.

The scientists said, “Otzi’s costume was made from at least five different animals.”

Skins from sheep and goats were used to make coats. Perhaps these easily accessible materials aided men in creating their own clothing.”

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