Do you perceive Alicent Hightower as an antagonist in HoD? These 10 moments in the show will prove otherwise

Although Alicent Hightower has done awful things in House of the Dragon, such as joining with the Greens and having a falling out with Rhaenyra, she is not the villain.

For the greater part of the first season of House of the Dragon, Alicent Hightower plays a villainous character. In the later part of the season, she becomes animosity with Rhaenyra Targaryen, which leads to much of the fighting. She later rises to prominence within the Greens group.

But by no means is Alicent the worst character in House of the Dragon. The program takes care to showcase both sides of the moral spectrum and her point of view on the occurrences. House of the Dragon does not portray Alicent as a wicked monster, even when she commits heinous crimes.

10. Alicent really thinks Viserys wants Aegon to be King Viserys’ ruler

The conflict that develops throughout the first season of House of the Dragon is ignited by the death of I Targaryen. Misinterpreting Viserys’ last remarks, Alicent believes he wants Aegon to take the Iron Throne. She informs the Small Council about Viserys’ passing.

That being said, Alicent’s misinterpretation is irrelevant. Against Viserys’ desires, Otto Hightower and the other Greens have been preparing a coup for a while. Right away, Alicent seems more likeable than the other faction members. She really believes that the others are only want power and that she is carrying out Viserys’ wishes.

9. Viserys Forces Her Into An Unhappy Marriage

Alicent becomes an inadvertent participant in House of the Dragon when Otto presses her to console King Viserys, who has just lost his mother. The majority of the show’s events are brought on by Viserys’ sudden marriage proposal, which results from their relationship.

Although there is a lot of conflict in Alicent’s marriage to Viserys, Alicent isn’t made to seem to be to blame. She feels pressured to become close to Viserys. Later episodes reveal her sincere dissatisfaction with the marriage. Viserys and Alicent’s existence together isn’t a crafty, brutal story. The unfortunate circumstance is obviously intended to arouse sympathy.

8. Alicent Tried To Make Peace With Rhaenyra

The only protagonist in House of the Dragon that comes close to being a single person is Queen Rhaenyra I Targaryen. The narrative centers on her ascension to the throne and the challenges it encounters. Rhaenyra and Alicent have a personal and political rivalry that contributes significantly to Alicent’s antagonistic reputation.

Alicent does, however, make many attempts to mend their relationship. Following her marriage to Viserys, Alicent makes a concerted effort to mend fences and momentarily finds success. She tries hard, much later, to make amends with Rhaenyra. This is only made impossible by Viserys’s death and the ensuing succession crisis.

7. Alicent Assisting Dyana After Aegon’s Assault

Alicent wants her son to rule as king, but she isn’t obliging or ignorant to his shortcomings. Alicent reacts quickly after finding out that Helaena’s maid Dyana has been abused by Aegon. In addition to providing Dyana with consolation and recompense, she confronts Aegon about it.

By today’s standards, Alicent seeks to pay off the victim and conceals the attack. She does, however, surpass even Westerosi expectations. Alicent demonstrates that she is really empathetic to the victim and less heartless than many other characters by her enraged treatment of Aegon, which contrasts with her kind treatment of Dyana.

6. Selfish Remorse Targeting Rhaenyra

For Alicent, the episode “Driftmark” represents a low moment. When no one else would, she attempts to get revenge on her son Aemond for losing an eye. When Rhaenyra blocks Alicent’s strike, Alicent slashes Rhaenyra with a dagger. Although Alicent’s attack isn’t the most severe in House of the Dragon, she exhibits a greater sense of shame than almost all other violent characters.

Almost instantly, Alicent drops the knife and then berates herself for the assault. Alicent acknowledges that she feels guilty of her behavior, even if her father gives her credit for it. Characters like Aegon, Daemon, and Larys, who use violence without any remorse at all, stand in stark contrast to this.

5. The Arranged Takeover Startled Alicent

Following Viserys’s death, the majority of the Small Council launches their coup. Only two persons have voiced any disagreement, including Alicent. She is as astonished as Lyman Beesbury is to learn that her father and the other members of her group have been preparing to take Rhaenyra’s crown.

Although Alicent chooses to back the Greens’ revolution, House of the Dragon does not absolve her of responsibility in the incident. The brutal opportunism of the rest of her group, in contrast to her astonishment and hesitancy, is starkly contrasted in the play.

4. When Larys Strong murdered his family, she was horrified

The unredeemable One of Alicent’s most ruthless and disagreeable friends in King’s Landing is Larys Strong. When Larys takes action to guarantee Otto’s reinstatement as the Hand of the King, the two begin their official partnership. But these actions include lighting a fire at Harrenhal in order to murder Larys’ brother and father, Lyonel Strong.

Alicent becomes shocked when Larys suggests that he was involved in the fire. She isn’t relieved, despite the fact that it solidifies her position in King’s Landing and brings her supporters after years of seclusion. It’s clear that Alicent is terrified of Larys, and it even seems as if she could feel guilty about what he did. It’s just more indication that Alicent is a more moral figure than others in the House of the Dragon.

3. Rhaenyra Shattering Alicent’s Belief

The events of the show begin with the falling out between Rhaenyra and Alicent. The main time jump in House of the Dragon depicts the outcome of the two parties’ ten-year animosity and mistrust. But it’s not Alicent who jeopardizes their relationship.

The relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent only breaks down when Rhaenyra lies to Alicent outright. Rhaenyra lies about her tryst with Ser Criston Cole when Alicent expresses concern for her welfare. Their friendship only ends when Alicent comes to the realization that she cannot trust Rhaenyra. Alicent didn’t turn against her out of jealousy or small-mindedness.

2. Alicent Talks Following Aemond’s Accident

In “Driftmark,” before attacking Rhaenyra, Alicent gives a brief speech on her situation in life. It follows King Viserys’s dismissal of Aemond’s eye damage in favor of concentrating on the rumors about the paternity of Rhaenyra’s sons. Alicent must watch as her husband defends his daughter at the expense of neglecting his own son’s disability.

It demonstrates Alicent’s breaking point. She sobs at her situation in life as she struggles with Rhaenyra. It’s intended to be a sympathetic individual who is actually hurting, not a case of malicious self-pity. In House of the Dragon, Alicent’s breakdown in “Driftmark” is at least somewhat justified, and her sacrifices for her family and the kingdom are shown as really terrible.

1. She fought against Rhaenyra and her family’s deaths

The other faction’s killings are part of the plan the Greens have for their takeover. There are active plots by Otto Hightower and his Small Council to kill Rhaenyra, Daemon, and their kids. Among the few characters who oppose this strategy is Alicent, who urges her friends to instead make peace.

In fact, Alicent makes a special effort to make sure they’re safe. To persuade her father to spare Rhaenyra, she sent Prince Aemon and Ser Criston to track down Aegon before he gets home. With Prince Lucerys’s passing, all is for nothing, but Alicent is among the few individuals attempting to stop a murder or conflict as Aegon ascends to the kingdom.

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