First time “d.issecting” the beautiful m.ummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep I

Amenhotep I’s mummy has been “unwound” by scientists using computed tomography (CT) scanning.

Amenhotep I was the second pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty, according to Daily Mail. He was meticulously maintained when he passed away, which is thought to have happened between 1506 and 1504 BC.

In contrast to all previous royal mummies unearthed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, contemporary Egyptologists have never opened the mummy of Amenhotep I. It was not because they feared the curse, but rather because of how well preserved the specimen was.

A group of specialists created three-dimensional models of the guy behind the bandages using CT images. They found that the pharaoh was circumcised, was 169 cm tall, and had straight teeth when he died, making him roughly 35 years old.

Amenhotep I’s mummy, nevertheless, remained frozen. In order to rehabilitate and rebury him, priests of the 21st Dynasty once uncovered his mummy in the eleventh century BC. He was reburied in southern Egypt at Deir el-Bahari, where he was found in 1881 together with numerous other royal mummies.

“We have a unique opportunity to study Amenhotep I’s mummy because it has never been opened in modern times,” said Sahar Saleem, the research’s author from Cairo University and the Egyptian Mummy Project. except from the manner in which he was first embalmed and buried, and the manner in which the high priests handled and reinterred him many centuries after his passing.

Amenhotep I, according to Professor Sleem, wore a distinctive belt adorned with gold beads in addition to thirty amulets. The pharaoh and his father had a similar face with a small chin, compact nose, wavy hair, and slightly projecting upper teeth. With the exception of his brain and heart, the first embalmers removed his intestines.

“We were unable to find any injuries or disfigurements due to illness to find the cause of death, except for cuts left by grave robbers at the first burial,” Sleem said.

According to hieroglyphic records, priests often repaired and reburied mummies from earlier dynasties during the 21st Dynasty in order to make up for harm inflicted by tomb thieves.

The researchers claim that mummies from other civilizations, including Peru, may be studied archaeologically and anthropologically using CT imaging.

The journal Frontiers in Medicine published the study’s complete results.

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