Found an ancient vase containing 40kg of gold while digging a canal – Experts called in immediately, and 3 siblings make a surprise decision, caused the whole village to boycott

After unearthing a substantial gold deposit, the three Van brothers in China made an unexpected choice that took many by surprise.

Unintentionally discovered an antique vase with 40 kilogram of gold. The people of Mutian town, Xuyi district, Jiangsu province, China, got ready for an early spring plowing in February 1982, when winter and spring officially arrived.

Farmers in the community are putting in a lot of effort to clean canals in order to make future irrigation and planting work easier.

The three Van brothers were working in the field when all of a sudden everything came alive. They grabbed a jar full of mud and hurried home. Someone also said something.

The Van family dug found gold, a villager who was working close to the Van brothers shouted to the others. “Let’s share the gold at their house.”

Van Y Tai is the oldest of the three brothers in the Van family. Despite being married, the three brothers continue to live with their parents. Serving as the family’s leader is Van Y Tai.

Their brothers continue to work as farmers since their family’s forefathers were farmers. However, things are still hard and very impoverished.

Naturally, in 1982, farming was the primary source of income for the whole hamlet; being wealthy and well-off was only a fantasy.

Because of his integrity and decisiveness in both words and deeds, Van Y Tai is elected captain of the village’s production squad by the residents.

In order to facilitate future irrigation water transfers, the hamlet rallied its residents on February 10, 1982, to clean the canals next to the fields. The village chief is in charge of designating each villager to be in charge of cleaning a certain region. Additionally, three relatives oversee a portion of the ditch.

The task is very challenging. They struck a hard item in the mud when they were digging for rocks with a shovel. They used their hands to identify the item, believing they had dug out a piece of rock, and attempted to remove the rock to clear the flow. However, upon closer inspection, the three Van brothers realized it was really a large vase rather than a stone. After exchanging glances, they spent a few minutes digging the vase out of the water without notifying anybody else.

They were startled to see gleaming bits of golden metal when they lifted the lid. “Those look like gold bars,” said the younger brother. However, the two elder brothers remained silent and swiftly took the vase home in unison.

After cleaning the corroded metal vase, the Van brothers closed the door. The container turned out to be unexpectedly full with gold bars, believed to weigh as much as forty kilos. The three brothers decided to split the gold evenly among their three families in order to resist that temptation.

Unexpected choice Van Y Tai was first ecstatic about this money that seemed to be dropping from the sky. However, after much hesitation, he concluded that because this gold pot was either a historical relic or the property of the previous landowner, he ought to give it to the government.

Surprisingly, however, a large number of locals had surrounded their home at this time because they believed that the gold pot discovered on public property deserved to be shared by everyone.

Van Y Tai attempted to alert the commune leaders by going directly to the government headquarters. The authorities promptly notified higher-ups and sent archaeologists to Van Y Tai’s residence in order to assess the valuable vase. The archaeologist was delighted to see the vase right away. He examined the vase carefully and determined that it was a rare treasure, worth a hundred times more than the gold inside.

This bronze vase has traces that go all the way back to 315 BC, during the Warring States era. The authorities subsequently put the vase and gold on exhibit at the Nanjing Museum in China. The China Cultural Heritage Administration listed it among the “National Cultural Relics Banned from Exhibition Abroad” in 2013. That validates its worth even more.

The finding of antiquities was aided by the Van brothers. They received ten thousand yuan. They enhance family life and restore the ancient home with the money they get. Many residents think the award is insignificant in comparison to 40 kilograms of gold. They treated the Van family unfairly since they gave the government all of the gold and the citizens received nothing in return. However, the three brothers have no regrets about their role in maintaining culture and heritage. Later, two of the three brothers relocated, but the oldest brother, Van Y Tai, made an effort to remain in his hometown in order to venerate his ancestors.

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