Milly Alcock – From dishwasher girl to the brightest gen Z star on social media, thanks to her role as a princess in House of the Dragon

Thanks to her transformation from dishwashing girl to the most prominent Generation Z celebrity on social media in only one night, Milly Alcock is a princess in the House of the Dragon.

The popular television series Game of Thrones is set 200 years before House of the Dragon (Vietnamese title: Dragon Family). Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, the daughter of King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine), is portrayed by Milly Alcock in the movie. One of the primary protagonists in the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war for the Iron Throne, is her.

Upon the premiere of episode 1, the work shattered HBO’s record with around 10 million views in its first day. The number of views reached over 20 million in only five days. Accompanying that are many praises for Milly Alcock, an actress who was hardly unknown before to her involvement in House of the Dragon and was born in 2000. Similar to Emilia Clarke in the past, Milly Alcock had a regal charm and personality that caused the social network Twitter to burst.

In a single night, the 22-year-old girl’s Instagram profile gained 70k followers, bringing the total to 120k, from the pitiful 50k. Milly Alcock was dubbed the series’ “culminating discovery” by EW. The “chemistry” that she and Emily Carey had, according to DenofGeek, elevated some passages to a more poignant level. Cosmicbook describes Milly Alcock’s portrayal of the power of a princess with dragon control as being on par with Emilia Clarke’s outstanding performance.

How literally “rising from the bottom of society” is Milly Alcock’s narrative is not well known. She solely had supporting parts or made fleeting appearances in television shows prior to her appearance in House of the Dragon. The main role of this 2000 star is in the Australian television series Upright. But Milly’s primary job is doing dishwashing at a restaurant and staying in her mother’s attic on a temporary basis.

HBO then conducted a casting call in November 2020. For the competition, she sent two cassettes to herself. The 22-year-old girl was cooking at her friend’s home when she got the call from her agent, and she was shocked by what she heard. Milly believed that “such a big project cannot easily come to someone like me” at the moment, so all she anticipated was doing a few flashback sequences. Milly had to get wasted to get through the night since she couldn’t inform her pals.

Milly Alcock has emerged as a new dazzling star on the small screen after only two episodes. In addition, it would be hard to overlook House of the Dragon’s excellent qualities. The series is not only a spin-off of Game of Thrones; it has numerous distinct qualities. Viewers are transported to the heyday of Westeros in House of the Dragon, when enormous citadels still stand in ruins and dragons still soar through the skies.

There are a lot of dramatic family dramas and fascinating “face-offs” between groups in the movie. Moreover, brutal, violent tournaments or legendary conflicts are everything from light. Because everyone will do whatever it takes to win the Iron Throne, House of the Dragon will not feature any true heroes or villains like Game of Thrones. Who fans choose to stand with is what matters.

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