Mysterious mermaid c.orpses have been found, proving the existence of mermaids

History records many corpses of mermaids found around the world. Most of them are still intact, making people wonder about their existence…

Although the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirms that mermaids do not exist, there is a lot of other evidence proving that Mermaids are real.

According to the Reporter, archaeologists have found many paintings of mermaids in caves of prehistoric people. Ancient people painted them during the late Stone Age (about 30,000 years ago). At that time, humans dominated the land and began to move to the sea.

Since 1403, people have found many mummies believed to be mermaids, confusing scientists. First, fishermen in Eton, Netherlands discovered a mermaid stranded on the beach. In the book “Speculum Mundi” published in 1635, written about this by English Minister John Swan himself, “mermaids” appeared to quickly integrate into “earthly” life, liked to wear beautiful clothes, and liked to go for walks. play but absolutely don’t talk to anyone.

In 1493, famous explorer Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen the Little Mermaid near Haiti and described that “The Little Mermaid is not as beautiful as the legend, her face looks more like a man’s”, according to Tien Phong.

In 1738, a London daily published a shocking photo of a small mermaid discovered on the shore of the Hebrides, stoned to death because people mistakenly thought it was a monster. After that, the ill-fated mermaid was carefully buried, and if anyone had doubts, any villager was ready to swear to prove the story was 100% true.

On July 2, 1991, Singapore’s United Daily News reported that scientists had discovered the world’s first complete mermaid fossil, proving that the existence of mermaids is not only found in legends. theory. This relatively complete fossil was found on the coast of Yugoslavia and was determined to date back 1,200 years ago.

The mermaid is 1.6 m tall, above the waist develops like a human with a developed brain, relatively large brain volume, 5-fingered hands with claws, strong jaws with sharp teeth to tear prey, face has all the organs, but the eyes have no eyelids.

In April 1990, China’s Wenhui newspaper reported that a group of construction workers in the city of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast, discovered a tomb of a mummy of a mermaid buried with treasure.

Looking at the mummy, people guess that it is a beautiful black girl, but what is surprising is that not only is the lower part a fish tail, but the top of the head also has gills. It is estimated that this mermaid is about 1.7 m long. Scientists believe that this mummy is more than 100 years old.

According to Ione, today, a number of museums around the world keep specimens considered mummies of mermaids. Some scientists confirm that mermaids are real, even saying that pollution of the marine environment and indiscriminate exploitation of seafood have caused mermaids to become extinct.


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