Shocked by the sudden appearance of a giant two-headed sea monster washed ashore in Mexico

Many were shocked to see the body of a sea “monster” with two incredibly odd heads wash up on the coast of Mexico.

Experts concluded after analysis that this two-headed monster is actually a conjoined pair of gray whales.

This deceased ocean monster’s unusual look still frightens and surprises a lot of people.
Experts concluded after analysis that this two-headed monster is actually a conjoined pair of gray whales.

Interestingly, the average length of a newborn gray whale is usually between three and five meters. This pair of whales is just 2.1 meters long.

This prompted scientists to hypothesize that the mother whale miscarried and gave birth too soon, which is why the pair of conjoined gray whale twins perished.

Records state that the discovery of conjoined gray whale twins in Mexico is the world’s first instance of such a scenario.

Many people incorrectly believe that a pair of exceptionally uncommon gray whales that are conjoined twins are two-headed monsters lurking on the seafloor when they see a close-up of them.

Eschrichtius robustus, the technical name for gray whales, are baleen whales that migrate yearly between feeding and breeding grounds. It reaches a length of around 16 m, a weight of 36 tons, and a lifetime of 50-70 years, and was originally dubbed the devil fish because of its stubborn nature when pursued.

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