Testimonies of 62 children witnessing a UFO landing outside the school: A sharp-chinned creature with a long head and large black eyes emerged

A documentary titled Encounters, which examined the UFO encounter on September 16, 1994, was recently available on Netflix. The fact that 62 schoolchildren in Zimbabwe, aged 6 to 12, were among the many witnesses makes this incident noteworthy.

The adults who had grown up in Zimbabwe were questioned to discuss what had transpired that day. In particular, sixty-two pupils in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, played outside the Ariel rural school during morning break. They saw a weird object land on the field in front of them after it had taken off from the sky a minute later.

When they saw the above spectacle, some pupils fled in fear, while others remained to study and explain the enormous silver disc-shaped object. Emma, a former student, related the following story: “I was playing in the field near the school during break when I saw a brilliant light block emerge just over the beach grass. Salma and I both said, “Oh my goodness, what is this?”

Emma and Salma also saw a bizarre creature a few meters distant from them standing in front of them. This creature has an enormous oval head with a pointy chin. Not at all like the earthly human form.

Furthermore, a different former pupil reported the flying thing as having large black eyes and resembling a massive bright silver disk with several lightbulbs. Teachers and parents were given the narrative by the youngsters, and Dr. John Mack, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, also found the children’s account credible.

According to Dr. John Mack, the student seemed to be having a genuine experience and did not exhibit any symptoms of mental illness. A lot of interviewees were asked to sketch what they could recall. All of the drawings depicted aliens with large, black eyes and a massive, flying silver disk-shaped device.

Many of the kids are now adults, and over thirty years have gone, yet their amazing opinions about this narrative have not changed. Conversely, a lot of detractors claim that the tale was just a joke, that the audience was hysterical, or that the kids of the era just didn’t understand what they were seeing.

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