Expert points out Travis Kelce is an ostentatious guy with flashy car collection, warns Taylor Swift to be careful of trouble in some way

Although the romance seems promising, a psychotherapist has cautioned that the Travis Kelce’s “lavish thrills” for his girlfriend Taylor Swift would wear off given his passion for cars.

Travis Kelce owns $1 million car collection including a Rolls Royce, a Range Rover, an Aston Martin, a GMC SUV Truck, a Mercedes Benz and a Chevelle.

The football player has already taken Taylor, 33, for an unusual spin since he started courting her.

Following a Kansas City Chiefs victory in September, the NFL player and “Shake It Off” singer drove out of Arrowhead Stadium in their Chevelle 408 Stroker. Additionally, the football player’s Rolls Royce was used by the pair while they went out to dinner in Kansas City on Monday.

According to a psychologist, Taylor Swift (seen above with Travis Kelce on October 15) may find collecting absurd if she doesn’t share his interest.

Having automobiles, like Travis does, provides a “reward hit” away from the field, according to psychologist Jo Hemmings.

In an episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Travis made reference to the collection.

He said, “I won’t bring all of them,” in reference to having one at a fundraising event.

“But I’ll have the old school and then one or two of the more modern cars that I’ve got.”

Jo Hemmings stated that Travis will experience the same rush of dopamine and joy from his vast automobile collection that he does from playing sports.

Hemmings stated to The U.S. Sun in an exclusive interview: “Travis is used to huge success on the field and beating his rivals.”

“Travis will experience the same dopamine and pleasure hit from his vast automobile collection as he does from playing on the field.

But he is unable to foresee the next football-related dopamine rush.

“His cars are a much more predictable and stable reminder of how good that makes him feel.”

Hemmings cautioned Taylor that he would someday think Travis’s pastime was “ridiculous.”

“It might seem confusing and absurd for her if a partner like Taylor does not get this, or share the collecting passion,” the expert stated.

“The issue is that every new vehicle he acquires gives him an even more opulent and thrilling rush.”

“Hopefully, Travis does not have the same feelings toward his girlfriend.

“These thrill feelings can eventually wear off.”

The problem is that he gets an even more luxurious and exhilarating feeling with each new car he buys.

“Hopefully, Travis’s sentiments for his girlfriend are different.

“These thrill feelings can eventually wear off.”

“Taylor seems to be loving being flaunted in Taylor’s collection of cars, which Travis loves to show off.

“Cars are a way for certain guys, like Travis, who are at the top of their game professionally, to show who they are and how they express themselves.

“Even flaunting his new girlfriend while he does, and she’s cool with it all.

“Their taste, morals, and social standing may be reflected in the kind of car they own or drive.

It’s highly likely a tangible representation of his accomplishments, and he enjoys the praise.

“Travis might even like being the envy of others.”

Hemmings pointed out that her boyfriend’s pastime might eventually put strain on him.

“Travis would have to be careful,” she remarked. “Collecting cars can demand a significant amount of time, focus, and dedication.

A relationship may suffer as a result of such.

Taylor may eventually feel as though she is being ignored in some way as a result of Travis’s love of automobiles.

“So she had to handle it forcefully yet softly.

They can endeavor to achieve a more salubrious equilibrium inside their partnership.

“I’m assuming Travis has a large crew to look after his vehicles.

He isn’t probably going to be valeting them or fiddling with the engine.

“However, he would be admiring them, operating them, and taking pleasure in being their owner.

Taylor would also appreciate the thought and attention Travis puts into selecting the vehicle to take her out in.

“She might even come to enjoy the same thrill of owning a collection of pricey cars—seeing him happy.”

Hemmings continued, “There does seem to be a lot of the ‘if you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it’ attitude among this new couple.

They are ostentatiously as well as publicly celebrating their accomplishments on the professional and personal fronts.

“Travis and Taylor are acting quite arrogantly in all of this.

“I hope all these expensive cars of his do not eventually get in the way.”

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