Gibbs breaks the rule number 10 of NCIS, marking a sea change in his personality. But not everyone knows it reveals the connection with his late wife

Gibbs learns the value of emotions from his burning rule number 10.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s set of guidelines is an essential component of who he is. He formed rules to follow after his late wife, but sometimes such regulations end up doing more harm than good. That applied to one of Gibbs’ ten most important rules:”Never get personally involved in a case.”On “Obsession,” the 21st episode of Season 7, Rule No. 10, was revealed. Michael Weatherly’s character Anthony DiNozzo admits to falling in love with a woman who sadly passes away while working on a case. When DiNozzo disobeys the rule, Gibbs consoles him by saying he finds it difficult to follow too.

In “She,” the thirteenth episode of Season 16, the rule is also applicable.After Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) becomes overly attached to a case after finding some of Ziva David’s (Cote de Pablo) notebooks regarding a case that everyone else has moved on from, Gibbs threatens to remove her from it. Ellie aspires to take off where Ziva left off, with the episode centered on her perception of herself as living in Ziva’s shadow. When Ellie argues that there is a lot to be learned from Ziva’s journals, Gibbs starts to see things from her perspective. Ziva became deeply involved in the case, and when Ellie took up the cause, Gibbs was forced to reevaluate his rule in light of how much it meant to them. He finally burns it as a result.

Gibbs burned Rule 10; why? Although it appears to be a bold move, it is essential to his emotional development. On the surface, the concept of avoiding being emotionally involved in a case seems sensible. But it’s obvious that Gibbs is awakened to something by discovering those notebooks. It demonstrates Gibbs’ affection for Ziva and how, despite their physical absence, our emotions can help us hold the people we love dear to us.

Gibbs’ burning Rule 10 demonstrates to him how important emotions are

Late in the year, with Season 16’s “Hail & Farewell,” the rule would come into play. Major Ellen Wallace (Erin Cummings), Gibbs’ fiancée, passed away, and NCIS looks into her death. Gibbs was actually removed from the case because he was unable to control his emotions. Nonetheless, it’s acceptable for Gibbs to feel these ways; his breaking of the rule marked a sea change in his personality.

Even after the burning, executive producer Steven D. Binder told TV Line, “He’s had Ziva reappear in his life, and now he’s got her daughter in a life-or-death situation.” We’re going to see a little more of what occurs when a man like Gibbs makes the decision to act on his feelings.” The significance of burning a rule also lies in what it reveals about Gibbs’s connection with his late wife. Since she created the rules, Gibbs’ decision to remove one shows that he is prepared to let go of a portion of her. It’s not about erasing her entirely; rather, it’s about demonstrating that Gibbs can be vulnerable with his feelings in both his professional and personal interactions with his coworkers.

Growth is evident in Gibbs Burning Rule No. 10. Going forward, he won’t be as constrained by the rules (and, in a symbolic sense, the past), which will enable him to better process his emotions and become more in tune with them.

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