Kevin Durant wants to “race GOAT” with NBA legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James, blaming Golden State Warriors for making him underestimated

The reason Kevin Durant thinks he isn’t discussed as the greatest player of all time is because he “went to the Warriors”.

Kevin Durant’s NBA career is legendary. In addition to becoming a two-time NBA champion, he has won MVP awards and three gold medals at the Olympics. He has also won scoring championships four times. He will undoubtedly go down as one of the finest players of his generation and be inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. However, Durant believes he has earned an even larger legacy, similar to other great players. When Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic questioned Durant about why he isn’t more extensively involved in the argument about the greatest game of all time, he revealed that there is only one thing that is keeping him out of it.

Durant said, “Because I went to the Warriors,” to Rankin. “What makes me not belong in that? That is the proper question for you to ask. Why not? “What have I not done?

Durant made one of the most contentious free-agent decisions in history when he decided to join the Warriors in 2016. In addition to winning an NBA record 73 regular-season games in 2016, the Warriors had already won a championship in 2015. Many people assumed that Durant would win both of his titles when he signed with the Warriors.

Concerning the things Durant hasn’t done? He is correct in part. He has essentially fulfilled every expectation of the greatest candidate of all time, but less frequently than previous contenders. For example, compare Durant to Michael Jordan. Jordan had six titles, whereas Durant only has two. Jordan has ten scoring titles, while Durant has four.

Jordan has five MVPs, compared to Durant’s one. Comparing both résumé, it’s difficult to deny that Durant achieved more in his career than Jordan did. Of course, Durant’s career is still in progress, but at 35, it’s difficult to see him narrowing those huge margins.

Naturally, none of this diminishes from Durant’s amazing career. He is among the greatest basketball players to have ever touched the ball by practically any metric. Even athletes like LeBron James and Michael Jordan can’t do what he can. His combination of size, shooting, and ball handling has never been seen in the NBA.

It is even possible to make the case that Durant is the best player to take the game-winning shot in a close contest because of those attributes. In that situation, Durant is more difficult to defend due of his size.

However, he lacks the comprehensive résumé of athletes such as James and Jordan, and that’s just OK. Being, let’s say, the 14th greatest player of all time is no little matter. Even so, no rival with Durant’s level of accomplishment is going to settle for anything less than the top spot.

He will ultimately retire as one of the all-time great basketball players. Saying that other guys were somewhat better doesn’t take away from his accomplishments in the slightest.

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