Lamborghini’s new policy just makes dream job even dreamier: Workers will alternate between four- and five-day work weeks, more days off and more money

At the Lamborghini factory, production workers will rotate between four- and five-day work weeks, providing greater vacation time and pay for each worker.

If you’re interested in working at an automotive plant, putting together Lamborghini’s new supercars in the stunning Emilia-Romagna area of Italy seems far more exciting than slamming parts onto a Lada in Russia. And with the news that employees at the supercar manufacturing in Sant’Agata will be moving to a four-day workweek, one of the most sought-after jobs in its industry just got much more appealing.

Although technically two-shift Lamborghini employees will rotate between four- and five-day work weeks, this will result in 22 fewer workdays annually for them. According to Reuters, their coworkers who work three shifts receive an even better deal, regaining 31 days to spend as they choose. This is because their new rota, which includes night work, alternates between two four-day weeks and one five-day week.

Additionally, Lambo’s employees will benefit financially from the improved work-life balance as a result of the new arrangement, which includes a 50% bonus increase and a special one-time bonus of €1,000 ($1,080) that will be given to them this December.

The FIOM and FIM-CISL unions, who called the agreement “historical” and said it’s the first time workers in Europe’s automotive industry have been granted a reduction in working hours while also gaining wages, instead of losing them, negotiated the new Lamborghini agreement with the automaker.

As soon as word of the agreement leaked out, FIOM and FIM-CISL released a statement saying, “Work less and work better—this is the principle that guided this negotiation, and which is part of a comprehensive reasoning.” The two unions are by no means alone in holding this opinion.

Research from other European countries has demonstrated that employees with more free time were more productive during working hours, tended to stay in jobs longer, and were less likely to call in sick. These findings have contributed to the growing support for shorter work weeks.

In the end, though, even jobs that are ostensibly desirable—like making Lamborghinis—remain jobs. Even if life is brief, it might seem a little bit longer if the imbalance between work and play that most of us have is corrected.

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