Mariah Carey flaunts her curve in plunge v-neck dress then steps down to hot tub. Everyone gets shocked by her next gesture, it’s really unexpected!

Following tradition, Mariah Carey wears a sequined gown and dips in a hot tub.

Despite being the queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey also knows how to ring in the new year.

The 54-year-old “Fantasy” singer ended 2023 in Aspen by carrying out her customary ritual of dousing herself in a hot tub while decked out in fancy clothing.

Later, she uploaded a video of the memorable occasion to Instagram, showcasing her stunning red hair.

“Happy, healthy, and peaceful new year to all of us! ❤️,” The video, which has Carey wearing a long-sleeved red gown with a high slit, plunging neckline, and her hair pulled up high into a bun, was captioned by the actress.

Mariah Carey cautiously entered the hot tub while wearing her diamond chain necklace, while snow fell all around her.

The singer has made it a practice to swim in lavish Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford outfits across many years and destinations, from the Dominican Republic to Aspen, so fans have grown accustomed to her glitzy swimwear.

Others made light of Carey’s apparent hibernation until the holidays of the following year, writing, “Now that the year is over, she will disappear until the holidays of the following year.” That has the key to perpetual youth 😂❤️.

Carey has enough in her closet, so don’t worry that she might have destroyed her appearance.

In her year-end video, she can be seen wearing many different outfits throughout her vacation, including one similar long-sleeved look in a nude color.

Plus, the mom of two even stepped out of her comfort zone on Dec. 31, sporting a silver sequin gown and posing with the left side of her face toward the camera, poking fun at the notion that she insists on only being seen from her right.

“A photo from my ‘bad side’…new beginnings in the new year,” she wrote.

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