Michael Weatherly claimed his departure from NCIS in a surprising announcement. The late star David McCallum confirmed it!

CBS admitted Weatherly’s exit in a statement and thanked him for his contributions to the NCIS series.

Michael Weatherly abruptly announced that he would be quitting the hit CBS procedural series NCIS. Towards the end of this season, Weatherly will make her last appearance on the show. In an interview with UK magazine Vulture Hound, actor David McCallum—who plays Ducky—inadvertently confirmed the news of his departure.

In a statement, CBS acknowledged Weatherly’s exit and thanked him for his contributions to the program, saying that his charisma and skill as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo were key factors in making NCIS the most watched drama on television worldwide.

Although the nature of Weatherly’s upcoming project remains undisclosed, CBS has stated that they are eager to work with him on additional projects. Weatherly revealed earlier this year that he would be starring in a “hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation” of Little Women for the CW.
Weatherly expressed his gratitude for the concert and the fans’ support on Twitter. He said that Special Agent Tony DiNozzo was a “wonderful, quixotic character” and that he had enjoyed ten years of portraying the part.

Weatherly’s exit from NCIS signifies the end of his extensive period on the program. One of the main members of the ensemble cast and a fan favorite was his role, Tony DiNozzo. Other significant cast changes have occurred on the program in the past, most notably the departure of Cote de Pablo (who played Special Agent Ziva David) in 2013. Nevertheless, NCIS has continued to be popular and successful during its whole existence.

The producers and network of NCIS are probably thinking about how to move forward with the show as fans make predictions about what will happen to it if Weatherly leaves. Long-running shows frequently switch up their casts in an effort to keep things fresh and their audiences interested. There’s little doubt that Weatherly’s exit will affect the show, but it’s unclear how the producers will handle this development.

For the time being, NCIS viewers will have to wait and see how Tony DiNozzo’s story concludes and what comes next for the program without Michael Weatherly.

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