Taylor Swift unveils most expensive costumes during the “Eras Tour”: The iconic bodysuit of Versace, Zuhair Murad’s princess gown are on top of the list with the shocking price

The enormously lucrative “Eras Tour” of Taylor Swift has brought in billions of dollars. View the most costly attire that she wore on the trip, which broke records, including gowns and dresses embellished with gems.

It’s important to take notice of Taylor Swift. With her most recent Eras Tour and its accompanying Eras Tour Movie, the 33-year-old American singer-songwriter is presently experiencing unprecedented popularity. She is a musical icon. With almost a billion dollars in revenue, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is believed to be the most successful musical endeavor in history.

With the conclusion of its American phase, the tour is now scheduled to embark on global travel. Taylor has dressed in costumes appropriate for each of the eras that the tour is separated into. Even though the tour isn’t officially over, some of Swift’s looks are so amazing that they’re making us gasp. Our predicament isn’t made any better by the outrageous price tags. These are the three most costly ensembles that Taylor Swift wore throughout the Eras Tour.

1. Ashish custom coat

According to Vogue, the Eras Tour was successful in many aspects, including fashion. Taylor’s team spent more than a year contacting fashion houses and ordering custom-made clothes for the singer. Among them, the Ashish red jacket costs 1,500 USD. The singer wore it while performing All Too Well, combining a bodysuit and guitar of the same color.

2. Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit

Vogue rates Roberto Cavalli’s asymmetric jumpsuit for Taylor Swift as the most daring outfit of the tour. The design, worth more than 1,700 USD, impresses with its striking red snake pattern on a black sequin fabric background.

3. Alberta Ferretti pink gown

According to People, the chiffon dress Alberta Ferretti Taylor wore when performing in March in Las Vegas had an elegant beauty. Pink-toned outfit, embroidered with folk motifs, dotted with crystals, priced at about 2,750 USD.

4. Oscar De La Renta custom bodysuit

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Oscar De La Renta’s fringed beaded and crystal bodysuit costs more than 2,800 USD. The design blends elegance and modernity, worn by Taylor in the performance Midnight Rain.

5. Zuhair Murad midnight bodysuit

Taylor Swift also has a similar blue outfit by Zuhair Murad for 9,500 USD (230.5 million VND). According to Vogue, the bodysuit is studded with 20,000 crystals and pearls, taking more than 350 hours to complete. The singer paired her outfit with Christian Louboutin knee-high boots and fishnet stockings.

6. Roberto Cavalli haute couture fringe dress

When singing some songs on the album Fearless, Taylor Swift wore a gold Haute Couture dress by Roberto Cavalli. The outfit is impressive in the way it attaches tassels in a zigzag pattern, priced at 12,500 USD. Photo: Instagram Taylor Swift

7. Elie Saab’s couture gown

Taylor Swift wore Elie Saab’s couture gown at her first-night concert in Tampa. The gown features delicate floral applique work all through its bottom half. The Lebanese fashion mogul, Elie Saab showcased his expertise in shimmery details throughout the gown’s bodice, making it a perfect fit for a night show.

The beige-hued gown even has shimmering beading details, making it one of the most iconic gowns of the tour. The gown glorifies Taylor’s Speak Now era and costs approximately over 13,000 USD. Making it the third most expensive Eras Tour outfit!

8. Versace’s gem-studded bodysuit

For all the right reasons, this Versace bodysuit is without a doubt one of the most talked-about looks from the Eras Tour. The world hasn’t stopped talking about Taylor’s Versace bodysuit since she debuted it during her Eras Tour. Taylor looks amazing in this bodysuit, which is adorned with pink, purple, and blue gemstones.

The bodysuit with gem embellishments by Versace embodies Taylor’s initial Love period, and the color scheme fully supports it. The bodysuit with gems was worn with similarly shimmering silver Christian Louboutin boots that were knee-high. The Americana heartbreak costume is more than $15,000.

9. Zuhair Murad’s pink tulle ballgown

We can’t stop staring at the splendor of the Speak Now era’s Enchanted ballgown. The baby pink gown required more than 350 hours to complete and more than 50 meters of tulle to cover it. Taylor’s tour outfit for Arizona is a baby pink tulle gown with lavish beadwork and rhinestones arranged to resemble rain.

The robust corset in Zuhair Murad’s masterpiece had magnificent sequin work made of pearls, jewels, and crystals. The jewels symbolized high-end Lebanese fashion as they cascaded down to the tulle. The gown is expected to cost at least USD 22,000.


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