20,000 bees chase the car for 48 hours to do something that surprises everyone

A queen bee got stuck in a car, dragging about 20,000 worker bees around the car for two days in an effort to rescue her fellow bees.

Metro reported yesterday that five beekeepers, park guards and some passersby had to join forces to disperse the bees clinging around the car. Roger Burns of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association shared that the car owner started the car without even knowing the presence of the queen bee.

“We think the queen bee was attracted to something in the car, perhaps a sweet treat, and crawled through the gap in the windshield wiper or the hinge in the car door,” Burns said. “Tens of thousands of bees flew after it and covered the car. I removed the cardboard box and carefully brushed them inside as quickly as possible because I realized it was a large swarm of bees in the middle of the highway.”

Burns suffered 15 – 20 stings trying to remove the queen bee. “Then I left the cardboard box on the roof of the car while waiting for the few hundred remaining bees to leave, but a strong wind blew the box away, and the queen bee went back into the car,” Burns said.

Burns has been a beekeeper for three decades but has never witnessed anything like this. “Naturally, the bees will follow the queen bee, but it was strange and surprising when they stuck around the car for two days,” Burns commented.

The queen bee does not directly control the hive. Its sole function is to reproduce. A well-fed queen bee can lay up to 1,500 eggs daily in the spring. The queen bee can also determine the sex of the eggs.

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