Admire the world’s first super submarine that can accommodate 20 guests underwater for 4 weeks, only for the elite

This super submarine with all the amenities of a 6-star hotel is definitely not cheap and maybe for the upper class.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos and Roman Abramovich have cruised the world’s seas on giant floating ships called superyachts. But what if they want to take their luxury ship below the water’s surface to admire the ocean’s depths?

An Austrian design firm may finally have the answer – the world’s first super submarine, described as “the future of yachting”.
At 543 feet long, the ‘Migaloo M5’ can accommodate 20 passengers and 40 crew members while submerged continuously for four weeks. It is equipped with a swimming pool, wine cellar and cinema, but with a construction cost of up to 2 billion USD, it is completely reserved for the world’s elite.

The Migaloo M5 can dive to a depth of 820 feet (250 meters) – only half the depth of the Titanic. This ambitious vessel was designed by design firm Migaloo, based in Graz, Austria, and is named after the all-white humpback whale.

“Our target group is visionary billionaires, with or without superyacht experience, who have special needs for exclusivity, safety, adventure or experience,” CEO Christian Gumpold told the Times.

‘Because it is a completely new development project, it will require corresponding financial resources, take a lot of time for design and construction and require many decisions.’

According to Gumpold, the company is currently negotiating with “interested parties” to build the submarine, although he declined to name them.


Promotional images of the submarine’s appearance (after it was built) showed a slender white vessel in stark contrast to the Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class submarines.

But like other submarines, it can operate on the surface before diving underwater. The swimming pools on both sides of the ship stretch out over the water while the submarine remains afloat. This super submarine even has a helipad to pick up passengers by helicopter before the ship lands.

The descent is triggered when giant tanks on the ship (called ballast tanks) fill with water to reduce buoyancy. Meanwhile, the luxurious interior is mainly upholstered in yellow and white leather and comes with comfortable sofas, folding chairs and mood lighting.

This internal sanctuary was placed outdoors until it was sealed and pressurized before the submarine went down. Additionally, a staircase will take passengers below the pressure vessel’s hull, where they can admire the ocean’s depths through observation windows.

It is standard for design firms like Migaloo to create detailed presentations of their imaginative creations to attract billionaires and turn them into reality.

Nearly a decade ago, Migaloo unveiled the idea of floating private islands that could be moved anywhere in the world – but they have yet to materialize. The islands will feature penthouse suites, swimming pools, waterfalls and helipads as well as vertical gardens, including palm trees.

Other companies regularly post new concept images of the latest unique superyachts with attractive build prices. These include ‘invisible’ superyachts made of glass and ‘swan-shaped’ superyachts with removable ‘heads’. These include ‘invisible’ superyachts made of glass and ‘swan-shaped’ superyachts with removable ‘heads’.


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