After eating a banana, you shoudn’t throw away its peel: Cut it into small pieces and put in the corner of the room, after one night, this miracle will happen!

If you have banana peels available, try this method.

Bananas are a fruit loved by many people, but few people know that in addition to banana intestines, banana peels also have many uses in daily life. If you finish eating, throwing the banana peel straight into the trash will be a waste.

Specifically, banana peels can be used to repel cockroaches effectively. To repel cockroaches with banana peels, first cut the banana peel into small pieces and put it in a container.

Then, pour a little salt and washing powder into the box with banana peels. Mix well and place the box in the corner of the room, in places where cockroaches often visit, such as under the cabinet, under the kitchen table, etc. After one night, you will be amazed at the effects of this mixture.

The reason this method can kill cockroaches is because banana peels have a fragrant scent, which can attract cockroaches to find food. But the banana peel has been mixed with salt and washing powder. If the cockroach eats it, it will become dehydrated, and the respiratory organs in its abdomen will be blocked. Therefore, once they eat this mixture, cockroaches will die but cannot survive.

Therefore, if your house is often infested with cockroaches and you have banana peels available, try this method.

Some other uses of banana peels

– Polishing silverware

When silver utensils and jewelry lose their shine or tarnish, you can renew them with banana peels. The reason banana peels can polish silver is because they contain a lot of potassium, which helps clean metal objects, including silver.
To brighten silver with banana peels, first, puree the banana peel to create a paste. Then, use a soft cloth dipped in the mixture and rub the silver for a few minutes. When rinsed with water, the silver will be noticeably shinier.


– Compost manure for planting trees

Banana peels are a very effective natural potassium fertilizer for plants, especially good for flowering plants such as roses, jasmine, azaleas, etc. Not only does it help plants grow well, but it also can promote flowering trees.
To use banana peels as flower fertilizer, you can chop the banana peel and bury it around the plant pot. Be sure to stay away from the roots to avoid burning the roots.

Or you can cut the banana peel into small pieces, put it in a barrel, add water, and let it ferment for about three months. Then, dilute this water with water to water the plants.

– Shoe polish

Banana peels can replace shoe polish, making your shoes look shiny in just a few minutes. Specifically, take a banana peel and use the inside of the peel to rub it on the shoe surface. Then, take a soft and clean cloth, wipe gently, and you will have shiny shoes.

The natural oils in bananas will soak into the leather, making the shoes more durable. In addition, potassium – an essential ingredient in shoe polishes, is also available in bananas.

– Remove ink stains on the skin

If your leather item is stained with ink, you can clean it with a banana peel. Rub the inside of the banana peel on the dirty skin area; the stain will disappear immediately.

The reason banana peels can remove ink stains on the skin is because the natural oils in the peel will absorb the oil in the ink, weakening the pigment’s bond with the skin to make it easier to remove.

In addition, if your home raises poultry or livestock, you can use banana peels as animal feed. Furthermore, banana peels are also widely used in beauty.


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