Every public toilet door must leave a wide gap, everyone nods when they know the reason

At first glance, it seems very “ungainly”, but the large gap in front of each public restroom door has its reason.

Cleaning is more convenient and faster

With such a gap, cleaning will be much easier. The water will drain away more easily and you can pour it hard without fear of it rising. Especially with open-walled toilets, you only need to stand from one stall to flush water to all the remaining stalls.

Creates a more “rushed” feeling

When going to the toilet, most people tend to sit for a longer time in a more leisurely manner in rooms with closed doors because it is isolated from outside noises, making people feel more “free”, even some people even take the opportunity to “gossip” and surf the internet in boredom.

In crowded places, overcrowding or having to wait to go to the bathroom is a common occurrence. For this reason, the space under the toilet door will make users feel rushed and quicker when they are no longer “free alone” and know many people are waiting outside.
Respond promptly if an emergency occurs.

In a completely enclosed space, if someone has a sudden heart attack or faints, no one will notice. Instead, if the toilet has a gap below, it will be easy for outsiders to detect. They can get through, unlock the door, and take them to the emergency room promptly.
Prevent bad behavior.

Toilets that are too closed are sometimes the “ideal location” for bad behaviors such as sex, drug use, or even fighting. If the bathroom is empty on top and empty on the bottom like that, no one will dare to commit bad acts because outsiders will discover it.

Avoid lingering odors in the room for a long time

It would be “horrible” when you walk into the bathroom and the smell of someone else is still strong in there. Therefore, the space under the door will help the odor gradually spread and not linger in the room, making it easier for people coming behind to breathe.

To be ‘saved’ when you run out of paper

What a tragedy it would be if after you ‘resolved’ all the papers. At this time, the gaps will help you easily ask for toilet paper from people outside or in the next cubicle.

Cost savings

This is an economic problem that can be seen very clearly. A normal long door will naturally be more expensive than a door only about 2/3 its length, due to the use of more materials. On the other hand, thanks to its smaller size, the door will be flexible, easy to replace, and install in every room, helping to save costs.

Avoid being bothered

If you are in the bathroom without the person outside knowing and pushing the door, just speak up and they will know. Imagine how annoying it would be to go to the bathroom and be constantly disturbed by the sounds of the door pushing. With a design like this, it is easy for outsiders to realize that there are people inside and not to bother anymore.

Unexpected escape

Imagine the door lock suddenly breaking, leaving you locked inside, having to wait hours for someone to come help. However, in cases where there is a large gap below or above, it can help the user easily “escape”.


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