Former engineer makes shocking revelation: “The US is keeping aliens in the basement?”

According to a former US defense engineer, aliens from the Roswell incident are being kept hidden by the US military at a secret military base in Ohio.

Mr. Raymond Szymanksi, who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, revealed that alien bodies were transferred from New Mexico to a military base in Dayton, Ohio.

Mr. Szymanksi describes underground tunnels and domes where he believes aliens are kept hidden. He revealed this information in his new book called ’50 Shades of Grays’. However, the US government and military have not commented on these revelations, and so far there is still no truly convincing evidence of aliens being kept hidden.

The Roswell UFO Incident or Roswell Incident was an incident that occurred in mid-1947 when a US Air Force reconnaissance balloon allegedly collided with a UFO and caused it to crash into a farm near Roswell, New Mexico, forcing them to declare that this accident was caused by aliens and their spacecraft.

Initially, the US military said the accident was simply an ordinary reconnaissance balloon. By the late 1970s, the crash was mentioned as UFO events became increasingly complicated with conspiracy theories and claims that one or more aliens and their spacecraft had crashed and that extraterrestrials had crashed. The planet was captured by the military in a veiled secret kept from the public by the government.

During the 1990s, the US military published reports revealing the true nature of the crashed plane, which was a reconnaissance balloon from Project Mogul.

However, the Roswell incident continues to attract media attention, and conspiracy theories surrounding these events persist.
Roswell was once described as the place with the most famous incidents in the world, most of the investigations here were aimed at exposing the truth about UFOs.


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