How the ‘dirtiest man in the world’ is now after 67 years of not bathing

Mr. Amou Haji, known as the dirtiest person in the world because he did not bathe for 67 years, passed away at the age of 94.

Irna news agency reported that Mr. Amou Haji passed away on October 23 in Dejgah village in Fars province, southern Iran.

According to local media, Mr. Haji lives in a shack made of rocks and has not bathed with water or soap for more than 60 years. Mr. Haji’s whole body was covered with soot.

In addition to not bathing, he does not like to eat fresh food but often eats rotten meat and dead animals. Every day, he drinks 5 liters of water from a rusty tin can and smokes dried animal feces with a metal pipe.

Besides, Mr. Haji has a documentary called The Strange Life of Amou Haji produced in 2013. In it, he shares his method of cutting nails by grinding them on a stone and trimming his beard by burning it.

Local officials said Mr. Haji refused to bathe because he was afraid of the water and believed he would get sick if he had to. However, a few months ago, Dejgah villagers persuaded Mr. Haji to bathe for the first time, and he agreed. But just a few months later, Mr. Haji passed away.

Following Mr Haji’s death, the record for the world’s dirtiest person alive may belong to an Indian man who also hasn’t bathed for most of his life.

In 2009, the Hindustan Times reported that Kailash “Kalau” Singh, from a village outside the holy city of Varanasi, had not bathed in more than 30 years to help end “all the problems facing the nation.”

He did not bathe with water but “bathed with fire”, as he called it. “It’s like using water to bathe. Fire bathing helps kill all germs and bacteria in the body,” Mr. Singh said.

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