Inserting an entire box of toothpicks into a plant pot this way solves 3 major problems in growing flowers

Many people think toothpicks are simply used to floss their teeth. If you think so, you are greatly mistaken. In addition to the above uses, toothpicks have other uses you did not expect. Let’s find out now!

Helps deter birds and mice

For ornamental plant growers in general, being attacked by birds or rodents such as mice gives us an extreme headache, and we don’t know how to handle them. Don’t worry; stick a few toothpicks in the pot, and the problem will be solved immediately!

Protruding pointed toothpicks will leave no room for birds or mice to land and destroy ornamental plants. In addition, you must also be careful when inserting the toothpick; do not stick it too deep into the soil, as it will easily damage the plant’s roots.

Helps detect soil moisture

A trick that landscapers often use to know the soil’s moisture level is to stick a toothpick into the soil. The insertion depth is approximately equal to the length of the toothpick. After removing the toothpick, if it is wet, it means there is still moisture in the soil and no need to water further. If the toothpick is dry, the soil lacks moisture, so water it to help the plant grow better.

Helps stabilize trees

The tree trunk grows unevenly while the roots are not strong enough, making the tree unable to stand. Sticking toothpicks into the soil also helps the soil become firmer, keeping the sturdy tree trunk from tilting.


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