Man has raised his hand high for more than 45 years and has no intention of letting it down, the reason is difficult for science to explain

The Indian man has raised one arm for more than 45 years and has no plans to lower it.

Most people have experienced the moment when they had to raise their arms high toward the sky for a certain period of time. But usually, only hold it up for a few minutes because, after that, your arms may start to ache. At that time, you have two options: lower your arm and raise your other hand or use your other hand to support your elbow.

However, there is an Indian man who has continuously performed the arm-raising gesture for over 45 years. One day, a man named Amar Bharati suddenly decided to raise one of his arms and never lowered it. In 1973, Amar Bharati worked at a bank in India, got married, and had three children. Amar Bharati’s life is normal and simple, like many other men in India.

Suddenly, one day, Amar Bharati decided to give up everything to dedicate his entire life to Shiva, a Hindu god. To truly serve his religious beliefs, Amar Bharati came up with an idea and decided to raise his hands and never lower them.
Amar Bharati shocked the world after he was photographed with his arms raised in the 1970s.

Amar Bharati said: “I don’t ask for much. I always wonder why we have to fight, compete with each other, have so much hatred. I want everyone in the world to live in peace “.

Amar Bharati shares that, at first, his arm was very painful. After about two years, the pain began to subside, and then Amar Bharati lost feeling, and the arm he raised gradually shrank. One day, even lowering the arm to Amar Bharati will be difficult without careful preparation. He suffered permanent nerve damage and lost circulation.

The inspiration from Amar Bharati’s gesture motivated thousands of people around the world to fight, in their own way, for world peace. Even more interestingly, this gesture inspired other Indians to become Sadhus (Hindu monks) and raise their hands high for long periods of time, but no one was able to surpass Bharati’s record. This man continues to raise his hand high and has no intention of putting it down anytime soon.


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