The animal has the longest mating time up to 14 hours and the male will as soon as the process ends

Each time they mate for up to 14 hours without eating or sleeping, they continue to die.

If you have ever been to Australia, you will encounter an animal resembling a mouse called the Antechinus kangaroo. Despite its extremely small body, this kangaroo species sets a record for mating time of 14 hours!

Male rats, from birth until adulthood, have a very normal development process, but when they reach the reproductive stage, they have a terribly “passionate” sex life.

During the breeding season, they constantly look for females to mate with, finding as many as possible. Each time they mate for up to 14 hours without eating or sleeping, they continue to die.

After completing the mating process, the immune system of these males will be seriously impaired, leading to hair loss, loss of vision, internal bleeding, infection… and death.

So why do they have to work so hard? Scientists are still debating the cause of this problem, of which two are considered the most reasonable:

First, this is an inevitable consequence of the migration process. While moving from the continent to Australia, this species of rats experienced a major change in the food chain, so they had to find a way to sacrifice themselves for the next generation.

Second, because they breed too early before the harvest season, leading to a lack of food, and the young animals will be exclusively breastfed for four months. The pressure placed on mother mice causes the survival rate of the young to be low. Therefore, male mice must prepare to mate, hoping the breed will be passed on to the next generation.


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