The doll-like body of a baby girl was kept intact in a glass coffin for 83 years

It looks like this girl is sleeping. In fact, Rosalina Lombardo died of pneumonia nearly 90 years ago. She was only two years old at the time. Her body was wonderfully preserved.

The body of this little girl, Rosalia Lombardo, had been buried in a small church in Palermo since 1918. After her death, grieving relatives insisted that the girl be given an injection to preserve her body and then place it in her body into a glass coffin.

Scientists consider it an unbelievable miracle that after 83 years, the girl’s body remained intact, and Rosalia’s blonde hair remained virtually unchanged. This phenomenon attracts tourists from all over the world.

All this time, the body of the deceased Rosalia has been under the supervision of scientists. Experts believe the weak electrical impulses recorded came from the girl’s brain. The computer recorded two flashes lasting 33 and 12 seconds. This can only happen if the person is alive. Similar outbursts may occur in a sleeping girl but not in a dead girl.

Locals claimed to have seen her eyelids flutter, and witnesses heard her sighing, and cleaners refused to attend to the deceased following the testimony of a man who supposedly saw Rosalia’s eyes open immediately. Although from a medical perspective, the girl is dead.

The Roman Catholic Church did not officially comment on this issue, but many pastors in the church believe that the girl is a messenger of the Almighty.

According to journalist Rossella Lorenzi, working for Discovery News, Dario discovered the mysterious formula used to preserve Rosalia’s body perfectly. When Alfredo Salafia died in 1933, he took the secret of his chemical preservative to the grave, and for decades, no one could understand how Rosalia could remain so perfectly intact after all that time.

“While most of the mummies buried in the catacombs were handled by monks and essentially dehumidified in a dry environment, Rosalia was mummified differently,” Lorenzi said. In 2009, Dario found a handwritten manuscript revealing the formula for embalming Rosalia.


Normally, when embalming, people will remove all of the dead person’s internal organs and fill the empty abdominal cavity with natron salt to completely dry the body. However, with little Rossella, Salafia punctured a small hole in her body and injected a mixture of formalin, zinc salt, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerin.

Each ingredient in the mixture has a certain role. The formalin kills all bacteria; the glycerin ensures that her body does not dry out, and the salicylic acid wipes out any fungus that invades. The magic ingredient, zinc salt, turned Rosalia’s body to stone, making it stiff and keeping her cheekbones and nose bridge taut.

Many people once suspected that Rosalia Lombardo’s real body had been replaced by a wax version. However, X-ray images of the girl’s coffin showed that the bone structure and internal organs inside the body were still intact. Due to the mummification process, the girl’s brain also appeared in the X-ray image to be half the size of a normal person’s.


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