The incomprehensible lunchtime of a millionaire who ‘spends money’ to stay young forever

Millionaire Johnson has lunch at 8 am with a bowl full of vegetarian foods like cauliflower and mushrooms.

Biotech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson is spending up to $2 million a year on an intensive treatment program called Project Blueprint to reverse his age. This year, the American millionaire is 46 years old. Part of the plan is to adopt a strict plant-based diet, including a mix of solid and soft foods.

Johnson amassed most of his fortune by founding payment processing company Braintree and selling it to eBay for $800 million in 2013. Despite his wealth, Johnson admits he’s made some unhealthy decisions over the years – including eating too many carbs and sugar late at night. So, in 2019, Johnson started changing his lifestyle.

Make a “huge” investment to stay young forever

These days, Johnson often starts his day with a supplement-filled “The Hulk” smoothie. For lunch, he ate a bowl of vegetables. Desserts include fruit pudding and nuts. In total, Johnson consumed about 1,977 calories per day.

Johnson and his team of medical experts designed the recipes by asking “what the body needs.” “Every calorie is a fight to survive,” Johnson told Insider. The millionaire explains in a video on his YouTube channel that no ingredient in his diet is “convenient, delicious or popular” but has sound effects on the body. That menu helps Johnson no longer crave junk food.

In addition to his regular diet, Johnson also takes dozens of supplements exercises daily and undergoes regular medical exams, including blood tests and MRI scans. His quest for youth even took him to a remote Caribbean island with gene injection therapy worth $25,000 per dose.

Johnson and his team of doctors say that Project Blueprint has helped the millionaire have the skin of a 28-year-old, the heart of a 37-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. Of course, these claims have not been independently verified. There is even fierce debate about what exactly “biological age” is.

Recently, Johnson posted step-by-step videos of some of her favorite recipes and claims anti-aging effects.

Bowl of “super vegetarian” food for lunch

Johnson says the “super veggie” dish is an excellent way to get your veggies in and can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. It could be a bowl of cooked black lentils with broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms, along with spices, flavorings, and healthy fats. Johnson said it took more than 30 minutes to eat.

Johnson only eats between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m., so he usually has lunch around 8 a.m.

He’s on a pretty strict diet (by most people’s standards) but still makes room for Nutty Pudding dessert. It’s a blend of ground nuts, fruits, plant-based milk, and pomegranate juice. The cake is topped with chia seeds, pea protein, and a variety of berries.

The tycoon confided that the “saddest moment” of the day is the last piece of Nutty Pudding – usually around11 amm.

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