The most human-like ape in history: It is said to be the result of a “hybrid” between ape and human but no one dares to raise it

After being born, Oliver the ape did not live in the wild but had to endure many tragedies and painful tests from humans.

Life is full of tragedies

Previously, many scientific experiments have been conducted to clarify the relationship between humans and their closest relatives, apes. There are even scientists trying to create hybrids between humans and apes. However, this story still has many doubts, even in the scientific community.

Conducting such experiments makes the authorities worried. However, the scientific community is still persistent in trying to find genetic similarities between humans and apes.

In the primate family, apes and gorillas are believed to have intelligence and human-like characteristics. That is the knowledge learned at the research laboratory of scientists, while in nature, there was once an ape named Oliver who was said to have a human-like face.
Oliver is believed to have been born in the late 1950s in the forests of Congo, Africa. At that time, this gibbon was bought and raised by two animal training experts, Frank and Janet Berger (USA).

Oliver’s strange characteristics and behavior make many people speculate that it results from a hybrid between a human and an ape, but it’s all just speculation. According to the available photos, Oliver has a smaller and flatter face than other apes.

This ape’s popularity is increasing thanks to appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show with two animal trainers, Frank and Janet Berger. People even looked up information about Oliver to find out.

According to two trainers, Oliver was shunned while living with the apes due to his different characteristics and appearance. However, Oliver still feels normal even though he is not welcomed by his fellow humans.

Oliver’s intelligence and abilities also surpass those of other apes In addition to external characteristics, a sign that Oliver has intelligence similar to that of humans is his ability to use simple tools and machines. Oliver knows how to move heavy objects using wheelbarrows.

As Oliver grows up, his intelligence and behavior increase. This ape likes to drink coffee in the morning, drink cocktails in the evening and can mix his own drinks and make drinks according to his own preferences. … This is considered a big difference compared to its peers.

In fact, Oliver’s human-like abilities may be due to living near two animal trainers. In addition, intelligence helps the ape learn many human abilities. However, it cannot be denied that Oliver’s ability goes beyond the usual imitation that apes still have.
His intelligence and different abilities cause Oliver’s life to go through many ups and downs with different owners. In 1986, this ape was sold to a laboratory.

People have always been curious to study Oliver’s genetic and physical characteristics, but no one is sure whether it is really an ape or not. According to researchers, any experiments on Oliver will not produce the desired results because of unusual characteristics.

In 1989, Oliver’s life entered a new phase after being acquired by another laboratory. The experts here did not conduct any experiments on Oliver’s body, but he was imprisoned in a small cage.

Instead of being able to run and jump, Oliver has to face tight spaces and lack of exercise, leading to muscle atrophy and arthritis. For 7 years, the poor ape lived in such a tragic situation without anyone to rescue him.

Reveal the surprise

It was not until 1996 that Oliver was released from the harsh life in a cage and moved to a Primarily Primates ape conservation facility. During his time here, the University of Chicago, USA, researched this unique ape.

Tests determined Oliver was actually an ape, not a hybrid. The results showed that Oliver’s body had 48 chromosomes, not 47, like apes in nature. Research into the DNA isolated from Oliver also found that this ape belongs to a subspecies of Central African apes known for its human-like characteristics.

From another angle of analysis, experts found that Oliver’s genetic structure is different from his peers, so he has characteristics close to human. From these analyses, Oliver is simply a mutant individual, and there is no such thing as a hybrid between humans and apes.

After many years of being mistaken for a human-ape hybrid and doubts leading to a life of ups and downs, Oliver returned to the conservation facility. The poor ape escaped from captivity and experiments, enjoying the rest of his peaceful life with a female ape named Raisin.

During the days at the above facility, Oliver was sedentary and had poor eyesight to the point of being almost blind. On June 2, 2012, Oliver passed away next to Raisin the ape and was cremated. Conservation area staff scattered ashes in this area to commemorate a gibbon who had experienced many tragedies in his life.

Many people believe that if only this gibbon could live in a natural environment, his life would last much longer. In 2014, the conservation center inaugurated an amusement park named Oliver – this is considered a way to pay tribute and remember the most human-like ape in history to date.


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