The real-life version of the super-big-nosed mutant breaks all normal rules: The mysterious reason that surprises the whole world

The Yorkshireman attracted the world’s attention not because of his creative ideas or brilliant views but because of the unusual size of his nose.

Thomas Warehouse, also known as Thomas Wedders, boasts a nose measuring a staggering 19.05cm. He won the title of person with the largest nose in the world, and so far, no one has broken this record.

The man who lived in the 18th century in Yorkshire (England) attracted attention everywhere he went, thanks to his special appearance. However, few people know about his mysterious life.

The reason for having a long nose

The reason why Thomas has a strangely long nose is still a mystery to this day. There are many opinions surrounding the origin of his long nose.

Some researchers believe that this anomaly stems from a strange disease that affects children’s cognitive development in the first years of life. In addition, some rumors say that it is a consequence of close marriage, causing facial deformation. His parents may have been siblings. It was this genetic mix that led to his unusual nose. However, the real cause is still unclear.

Mysterious life

His facial features played an essential role in elevating him to celebrity status. Despite this, Thomas’s life is very private. Strand magazine published an article in 1896 claiming that his chin was too weak and his eyebrows were too low. The reason behind Thomas’ decision to appear in front of a crowd and perform in a circus is still unclear. Some people say that he believed he would make a lot of money and could not miss this opportunity. Some people believe that others inspired his work.

Thomas passed away at the age of 50 and left no record of the mysteries surrounding him. Currently, at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum in London (UK), a wax replica of his extraordinary nose is placed.
Guinness World Records has recognized Thomas Wadhouse as the man with the most extended nose in human history. On their website, they explain:

“There are historical accounts that Thomas Wedders, who lived in England in the 1770s and was a member of a traveling circus of freaks, had a nose 19.05cm long.”.

So, who has the most extended nose and is still alive? According to Guinness World Records, the man holding the record for the most extended nose is Mehmet Özyürek from Artvin (Türkiye). He has an impressively long nose of about 8.7cm.

Mr. Özyürek said he is delighted with his nose and has no intention of changing it. His unusually long nose is a genetic condition, but doctors still don’t have an explanation. Mr. Mehmet’s father and uncle also have such big and long noses.


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