The richest tribe in Africa: The chief can take 80 wives to serve, people’s fingernails are covered with gold

Despite their large area, African countries are still among the poorest countries in the world. Along with that, there are also many strange customs and practices, one of which is the luxurious life of the chiefs.

Some children in Africa, after being born, face a very serious problem with food; they cannot go to school or participate in the most basic education system. In this poor land, anyone who wants to survive must do hard work, exhausting their strength. Not only that, but they do not allow themselves to get sick because that means having no job, no money, and inability to maintain life.

After African countries gained independence, African governments retained chiefdoms after the transition. Although the power of chiefs is limited to a certain extent, they still have absolute authority within local tribes, and chiefs also have a large say in some political matters.

In Africa, the power of the chief is very great; local residents often kneel when visiting the chief and they will clap to show respect when the chief passes by. This is done very freely, without being forced; heads of state of African countries will also follow tribal traditions and kneel to show respect when they visit the chiefs of different tribes.

African chiefs are divided into three levels, known as large, medium and small chiefs. Depending on the status and identity of these chiefs, they enjoy different benefits.

The chief has so many wives because of some tribes in Africa. After the previous chief passed away, the next chief inherited all the property, including some of the deceased chief’s wives. Therefore, the chiefs are often very rich, live a luxurious life, wear gold-plated clothes and need up to 70 wives to serve the family.


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