The strange tree has fruit shaped like a naked girl and only vibrates when men touch it

This extremely strange-shaped tree has attracted the attention of many netizens. Besides, some other tree species also have fruits with equally unique shapes that make many people skeptical.

The tree bears fruit exactly like the naked girl

In 2008, a netizen named Tapas Das posted a clip about a plant grown in Thailand. This clip attracted hundreds of thousands of views in a short time because this tree produces fruit shaped exactly like a naked girl. Netizens began to doubt whether this plant was real or not.

This plant is called Nareepol. In Thai, “Naree” means girl or woman, and “pol” means plant. Therefore, the Nareepol tree means woman tree. This tree is said to be grown in Phetchabun province, Northern Thailand, about 500 km from Bangkok’s capital. Netizens spread the news that the Nareepol tree only blooms once every 20 years. After fruiting, Nareepol will produce fruits that look like a naked girl with surprisingly similar hair, head, eyes, nose, limbs, and breasts. More surprisingly, this plant only vibrates when touched by men, but there will be no reaction if touched by women.

Images of the Nareepol tree have been circulating for a long time on social networks, causing many people to be skeptical. Some people easily believed this was a real or even a sacred tree. On the contrary, many think this is just a scam, possibly just Photoshop technology or intentional editing and cutting. If such a plant really exists in the world, it must become extremely famous, be studied by many researchers and attract the media.

In fact, no reputable media units in Thailand report on this plant variety.  Furthermore, many observant netizens noticed that the photos circulating on social networks about the Nareepol tree all have one thing in common: the fruit stem is always hidden behind leaves or hidden. Most likely, someone deliberately attached human figures to the tree and took pictures to attract views. But up to now, there have not been any confirmations or rebuttals about this strange plant.

In fact, in Thai Buddhist mythology, there is also a tree similar to Nareepol, the Nariphon tree, which grows in the Himaphan forest – a mysterious forest where Buddhists live blooms and bears fruit once, each time giving fruit in the shape of a young girl.

“Precious” shaped chili

In 2015, a number of stores and supermarkets in the city of Barcelona, Spain, showed images of selling a strange type of chili shaped exactly like a man’s penis. This type of chili is called Peter chili and is nicknamed “the sexiest chili in the world” because of its unique shape.

Peter peppers are about 7-10cm long and 2.5 – 3.5cm wide when ripe. Because it is not grown in large quantities and is extremely spicy, this chili is rarely used as a spice, only for pickling or decoration.

There was a time when Spanish people rushed to grow this chili. “These seeds sell very well, people buy them because they find them funny,” a store in Barcelona city shared. Later, Peter’s peppers were also sold in many different countries around the world but were not popular.

Currently, Peter peppers are still grown the most in Spain and the US for the purpose of tourists visiting and taking photos. However, some people also oppose this because they think it can affect children’s thinking and perception if they see the sensitive shape of the chili.


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