The world’s smallest island with life: The area is ‘just enough room’ for a single house, just one step away and you will find yourself swimming

The title of the smallest inhabited island on Earth belongs to Hub Island on the Saint Lawrence River off the coast of Alexandria Bay (New York, USA).

In 1950, the island was bought by a wealthy family named Sizeland to make it a resort and then take advantage of all the vacant land to build houses and plant trees. However, they did not expect the island to become an internationally recognized tourist attraction.

According to the convention, land floating on a vast body of water will be counted as an island in the Thousand Islands archipelago if it meets the year-round requirement of being above water and has at least one living tree. However, the last tree on the island died, and the Sizeland family had to take advantage of the empty land to plant another tree.

The Sizeland family’s wish for a private house with open space to relax on the weekend seems very difficult to come true. The house and island quickly became an attractive tourist destination for tourists and were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest island with life.

The Washington Post once recorded that, if visiting the island, visitors must be very careful because ‘if you take one step wrong, you will find yourself swimming’.

Previously, the smallest island in the world belonged to the island with the Bishop Rock lighthouse, located in the Scilly Islands in the United Kingdom. However, after being renovated in 1982, Bishop Rock was installed with an automatic lighting system and no longer needed a guard.


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