This monkey was discovered in the wild – Veterinarian was shocked when he realized why its belly was so big

Eating too much, eating uncontrollably, eating whatever anyone gave him… maybe that’s why this monkey couldn’t climb a tree and was taken to a weight loss camp before being released to live with his fellow humans.

A long-tailed monkey nicknamed “Uncle Fat” lives in the floating market in Bangkok, Thailand, and it is becoming the focus of attention for tourists and local residents here. It is known that this monkey is an individual in the community of wandering monkeys, living on tree trunks in the Bang Khun Thian district market area and regularly receiving food from tourists.

Uncle Fat ate all the food and soft drinks the tourists gave him, including watermelon, milk, sweet corn and instant noodles. Because of that “afraid to refuse” gluttony, it weighed up to 15kg, twice the average weight of a long-tailed macaque, and had a huge, heavy belly that was difficult to move.

Authorities received reports from locals this week about the animal’s appearance. They took it to a wildlife conservation camp to lose weight before returning it to live with others. Mr. Kawanoat MongKholtechaphat, head of the Monkey Lovers primate conservation organization, said on April 28, “Uncle Fat is not sick; he is just obese because he eats too much. He eats everything people give him; he can sit and eat all day without stopping.”

“Uncle Fat is old and only likes to sit and eat in one place. But it is the alpha animal, so it plays a very important role in the monkey community here. It teaches other monkeys how to survive.

We always want the monkeys to live comfortably and freely outdoors.”Mr. Kawinoat also added that Uncle Fat was moved to a wildlife sanctuary in Nakhon Nayok, 100 miles away from the area, to lose weight.

They apply a strict diet to the obese animal, forcing it to practice running, swinging from trees with other animals and soon releasing it to the area. Uncle Fat’s story attracted the attention of many people, including tourists who had visited Bangkok. Previously, a tiger at Harbin Zoo in China also became the subject of ridicule from netizens because he was overweight and bloated just because he ate too much during the Lunar New Year.


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