Use a clothespin to clip your ear at these 6 points, you will notice strange changes in your body

You will be surprised to know the wonderful effects of using a clothespin to clip to your ear.

Besides modern medical treatments, there are still traditional medical treatments that have existed and been recognized for their effectiveness for centuries. One of those ways is acupressure; more specifically, this article talks about using clothespins to clamp to different points on the ear.

It may sound strange, but the fact that the ear affects other parts of the body has been confirmed by Helen Chin Lui – an in-depth researcher on acupressure -: “Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body. body, nerves and connections to the central nervous system”.

Each of the 6 points below is related to each painful location in the body. Applying pressure to these 6 points (using your hands or a clothespin) will reduce pain and fatigue in the corresponding locations on the body.

– Position number 1 connects directly to the back and shoulders. Pressing on this position for a few minutes will help you relieve stress. Doing this several times a day will help reduce back and shoulder pain.

– Position number 2: this position connects to organs in the body. If your body’s organs are in serious pain, you should definitely go to the hospital for timely treatment. But if it’s just a minor discomfort, try using your hand or a clothespin to apply small pressure to this area, and you will feel more comfortable.

– Position number 3: This position is closely related to pain and stiffness. Pressing on this point will help you significantly reduce joint pain. Remember, chronic joint pain needs to be examined by a doctor and determine how to treat it. However, this method can help you relieve pain temporarily.

– Position number 4: this place is linked to the sinuses and throat. Applying light pressure to this position will improve the condition when you have a cold or sore throat.

– Position number 5: connected to the body’s digestive system. Using your hands or a clothespin, applying small pressure to this area will help reduce digestive and stomach problems. This can be used as a method to prevent digestive diseases.

– Position number 6: connected to the two most important parts of the body: head and heart. Applying light pressure to this position will help promote a healthy heart and reduce tension in your head. It is also very good when you have headaches.


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