Why are astronauts afraid to look at Earth? The reason will make everyone ponder!

There are many astronauts in space, and many countries have launched spacecraft and have been in space, but strictly speaking, very few astronauts have landed on the moon.

Before and after the United States, 12 astronauts landed on the moon and saw the Earth from the moon. Apollo 11 in 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin were the first people to walk on the surface of the moon.

From 1969 to 1972, the United States landed on the moon 6 times in 3 years. These astronauts walked on the lunar surface and brought back a lot of soil and samples from the lunar surface to study.

As for the earth in their eyes on the moon, the eyes of these astronauts all showed horror. The moon we have learned is a sphere, the surface has pits, these are traces left by falling meteorites, the feeling on the moon is that there are no signs of life.
The moon that we see on Earth glows at night the moon itself does not emit light, these are light rays refracted by the sun on the surface of the moon as the Earth rotates.

Mặt trăng mà chúng ta nhìn thấy trên Trái đất phát sáng vào ban đêm bản thân mặt trăng không phát ra ánh sáng, đây là những tia sáng bị mặt trời khúc xạ trên bề mặt mặt trăng khi Trái đất quay.

But the earth seen on the moon is not the same as we imagine, every astronaut returning from the moon, as long as he mentions the earth he saw on the moon, his eyes are revealed. appeared horrified and afraid. The moon is 384,401 km away from the earth, on earth it rotates once a day and night, but on the moon, it is not like that, the moon also rotates but at a very slow speed.

The earth’s rotation speed is 27 times the moon’s rotation speed, equivalent to one day on the moon, that is, one month when we are on earth, both the earth and the moon rotate so the earth is seen seen on the moon are almost identical.

The total mass of the moon is 735 billion gigatons, equivalent to 1% of the size of 81, which means that one earth is equivalent to 81 moons, so the earth seen on the moon is very large.

In addition, due to the mutual tidal gravity between the moon and the Earth, no matter what time, the moon always faces one side, and the other side always faces away from the earth. Because the surface of the moon is a gray world, for us humans, the moon shows no signs of life, and when first seen, it will feel very gray and lifeless.

But the earth seen on the moon is a different scene, the huge impact will make astronauts feel very scared and scared. The Earth is bigger than the moon, when you see the Earth on the moon, it emits light, but its light is different from the moon’s light. The moon is the light refracted by the sun, but the earth is whole for the atmosphere, plus the seas on earth. Resources, ocean water refracts 30% of sunlight so in space, the earth is a rounder moon.

When the astronauts landed on the moon and turned around to see the earth, they felt a huge shock, in their eyes, the earth was like a fragile blue ball floating in space, and because the contrast is so great with the moon people are very small, so you feel like you can reach out and touch the earth.

The huge collision between the Earth and the moon immediately gives people a feeling of dizziness and suffocation. And the Earth is too big, plus humans are too small, the earth is much brighter than the moon so the astronaut cannot look directly at the Earth, and the light will harm the astronaut’s eyes.

On earth, the moon we see floats in the sky, but on the moon we see the earth, feeling as if we could touch it with our hands, and at the same time extremely bright. Compared to the Earth, the moon’s surface is very desolate and shows no signs of life, the moon gives people a feeling of solidity and death.

The astronaut who landed on the moon said: Standing on the moon looking at the earth within reach, the temporary feeling is easily reminiscent of the state before life had never appeared on earth. When astronauts and their companions stood on the surface of the moon, there was an inexplicable feeling of fear and pressure in their hearts, which is why these astronauts didn’t want to turn around and look at the earth after landing on the moon.

To the vast universe, the earth is insignificant, to the earth, humans are insignificant, and humans are only a part of this vast universe.


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