Wrapping aluminum foil to your legs and arms overnight in this way that can cure many diseases

Did you know that aluminum foil is one of the most effective medicines to help improve health?

Normally, you never use aluminum to cover your body. Necessarily so! Aluminum is often used in materials such as pots and pans for cooking in the kitchen. But did you know that aluminum foil is one of the most effective medicines to help improve health?

According to many doctors, as well as the results of some medical studies, aluminum foil can be an excellent alternative to harmful and expensive drugs. Traditional healers in Russia and China have used the beneficial properties of aluminum foil to relieve various health problems naturally. Psychologist Wilhelm Reich, a student of the famous Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud refers to the use of this method for treatment. Detailed information about healing principles is recorded and clearly explained in his book. According to research, aluminum foil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, so you can also treat colds with aluminum foil (in case you don’t want to take medicine)

Diseases that can be effectively treated with just an aluminum foil

You can use aluminum foil to treat colds, insomnia, and other common diseases in daily life. According to Healthadviceteam, you can absolutely use aluminum foil to treat the following specific diseases:

1. Cure colds

As mentioned above, aluminum foil is very useful for treating colds. You should avoid taking antibiotics as much as possible, especially if you have the common cold. You can completely cure a cold by wrapping your feet with 5-7 aluminum foil. Leave the foot wraps like this for 1 hour and then remove them. 2 hours later, you cannot wear socks or cover your feet with anything because your feet need to “breathe”. Do this regularly for 1 week, and you will stop colds and see your health improve significantly.

2. Stop fatigue

Not only does it cure colds, aluminum foil also helps you eliminate constant fatigue. Aluminum foil treatment for fatigue has a long history and is known by many experts worldwide. To start with the aluminum foil fatigue treatment, you will place a few strips of aluminum foil in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours.

Then, take them out and place them on your face (especially the cheeks and eyelids), leaving them like that until you feel the muscles relax. You will notice an improvement in your health as soon as you remove the aluminum foil from your face.

3. Treatment of pain caused by burns

Thin aluminum foil is useful in treating minor burns. Start washing the burn with cold water, dry the burn with a soft cloth, then apply a thin layer of ointment and use sterile gauze to bandage and secure aluminum foil. Don’t forget that all aluminum foil, gauze wraps, and medical bandages must be sterile. You will keep it that way until the burn no longer.

4. Soothe joint pain

You can also relieve joint pain completely with aluminum foil. Like arthritis, gout and sciatica, aluminum foil has been used historically to treat pain from these diseases. You should wrap aluminum foil around the area of your body where you feel the most pain and secure it with medical tape.

Leave it like that, sleep until the next morning, then remove it. After 10-12 days, you should continue using this method and rest for 2 weeks. If you still have pain, repeat this method after 2 weeks of rest and treatment until the pain stops.

Aluminum foil is also helpful if you have recently undergone amputation surgery. You can eliminate pain around the amputated limb area simply by applying foil. Maintain until the pain is completely reduced, then remove, and don’t forget the gauze and aluminum foil must be clean and sterile!

This interesting method of healing is used by Chinese and Russian healers. You just need aluminum foil to wrap on painful areas to help relieve pain effectively. Explaining the healing principle of banknotes, Russian scientist A.V. Skvortsov said: “Stem cells in the human body are always connected to the earth’s energy field.

For many different reasons, these energy fields are interrupted. When we wrap the foil, the foil surface will reflect the energy fields and magnify them many times, helping to restore the connection between the energy field and stem cells. This property will help treat body pain effectively.”


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