A peculiar and interesting electric car where you have to pedal along to generate power for charging. Its most “fearsome” aspect lies in its speed

A DRIVER has flaunted his £40,000 pedal-powered small electric vehicle, which has a “terrifying” max speed.

Robert Dunn of the automotive website Aging Wheels uploaded a video on YouTube in which he drove the strange vehicle.

The Twike, an unusual electric “autocycle” with three wheels that a Swiss business began producing in 1998, was on display.

It all started in the early 1990s as a concept car, and manufacturing hasn’t stopped since.

The electric vehicle is terrible, Robert said, and you can pedal it.

“I forked out real cash for this.

“The driver and passenger both have their own set of pedals up front.

“Nobody’s allowed to be dead weight in the Twike.”

Behind the Twike’s two rear wheels is an electric motor that generates power; the pedals give the rider and passenger further control over the charge.

Using a five-speed transmission derived from bicycles, it is capable of producing nine horsepower in theory.

The maker claims that it can hare along at speeds of up to 50mph, which is very impressive considering its lightweight design of 350kg.

Surprisingly, it satisfies all requirements set forth by the Highway Code and is therefore fully road legal.

Its 18 kWh battery, which drains at an average rate of four to seven kWh every 60 miles, allows it to go up to a maximum range of around 248 miles—much better than many top-tier electric vehicles.

Even though it’s old and has a simple style, it boasts some surprisingly contemporary conveniences.

For those cold mornings, the Twike has a window de-mister, cruise control, neutral and reverse gears, and a steering lock.

Nevertheless, there are a few more simplistic features; for example, Robert characterized the sailboat-style tiller that controls the steering as “light and twitchy” and was situated between the two seats.

Additionally, there are only three settings for the brakes and throttle, which makes it quite unresponsive while driving.

Furthermore, it does not have a heater; nonetheless, Robert pointed out that it would be pointless since you remain warm when pedaling.

People who saw the bizarre small car on social media were in awe.

A person commented: “What incredible ingenuity it is to make a micro-car as terrifying as an ultralight aircraft.”

However, someone else made a joke: My god, this is terrifying. Please, I need one right now.

This follows the British public’s satisfaction at the rejection of plans to alter the MOT procedure.

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