The elderly woman failed her driving test 959 times, and on the 960th attempt, she unexpectedly received a car as an encouragement

After failing her first try at the written exam in April 2005, Cha Sa-soon persisted in taking it till she finally succeeded. Before she could receive her license, she had to take the practical exam ten times.

After paying over £11,000 to earn her license, a lady from South Korea passed the driving test on her 960th try.

After her first effort at the written examination in April 2005 was unsuccessful, 69-year-old Cha Sa-soon retook the exam daily, five days a week, for three years, for a grand total of seven hundred and eighty tries.

In order to pass and go on to the practical exam, she reduced her test frequency to twice weekly.

After ten attempts, she eventually passed the driving test, bringing her total number of tests to 960.

The lady persisted because she was determined to secure the license for her vegetable company.

She reportedly paid over €12,500 (£11,000) to get her driver’s license.

When Cha Sa-soon finally acquired her driver’s license, her teacher at Jeonbuk Driving School expressed his relief.

His words were: “When she finally got her licence, we all went out cheering and hugged her, giving her flowers.”

It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from our shoulders. Because she persisted in turning up, we lacked the courage to urge her to stop.

The lady became famous throughout the country and even made an appearance in a Hyundai commercial after she failed the test many times.

A new Hyundai, made in South Korea, valued over €13,000 (£11,640), was even given to her as a present.

Hundreds of Redditors have expressed their emotions to the article, which emerged on the site this week after disappearing more than fifteen years ago.

Someone commented: “I wouldn’t want someone who has failed over ~5 times to be on the same road as me, not to mention 960.”

Someone another added: “In my opinion, it’s absolutely ridiculous to let someone to drive after they’ve failed the exam more than ten times, in whole or in part.

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