Worthy of being a devoted fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser: Chad Nasir has not gone a month in the past year without purchasing a car to indulge in his passion

All of them, mostly from the Middle East, he brings to Michigan for storage.

In Libya, where Chad Nasir was born and raised, Toyota Land Cruisers are highly esteemed. His country’s SUVs are beyond of reach for “only wealthy businessmen, government personnel, and drug dealers,” he claims. People with a lot of spare cash owned Land Cruisers since financing wasn’t an option.

He promised himself when he got to America that he would start purchasing them when he was prosperous. The first Land Cruiser that Nasir purchased was a little over twelve months ago. A little over twenty of them are already in his possession.

Nasir now resides in Michigan and operates Midnight Protective Films, a company that applies ceramic coating, vinyl wrap, and window tint. Close by, in a warehouse, his fleet of Land Cruisers patiently awaits the arrival of the next one to join the group. Featuring a manual gearbox, all of Nasir’s Land Cruisers have been imported and are left-hand drive. He pays cash for each one; he doesn’t finance a single one.

Nasir and his dad both got their first Land Cruiser in 2013 and 2015, respectively. He then set out to find the classics. He had to figure out how to purchase a 70-Series Land Cruiser truck in Saudi Arabia, register it there, bring it to the US, then register it here after finding it with just 60,000 miles on it. Before being certified for purchase, the Land Cruisers undergo local inspections via Nasir’s network.

He claims that “very low mileage” is standard on all Land Cruisers. “The 1997 model with the highest mileage has 180,000 miles, but it’s in pristine condition.”

Over the last fifteen months, Nasir has bought a couple of Land Cruisers monthly, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Three more are on the way to him: one from Oman, one from Yemen, and one from Qatar. The ones in Michigan are mostly imported, and Nasir mainly does nothing except enjoy them. He enjoys the lower-mileage versions for leisure and drives the higher-mileage ones (his 2015 has over 200,000 miles on the clock).

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