After neglecting his skincare routine for a while, Hollywood’s walk-of-fame Macaulay Culkin suddenly made a U-turn, thanks to a suspicious move by Brenda Song. What did she do?

<p>Michael Kovac/Getty</p> Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song attend the 2023 GFS Fall Benefit on October 12, 2023 in Santa Monica, California.

Macaulay Culkin is sharing the details behind his low-maintenance skincare routine.

Ahead of an event to celebrate the launch of Clarins’ new Multi-Active collection on Friday, Culkin, 43, told PEOPLE that he owes much — if not all — of his skincare habits to his fiancée Brenda Song, 35.

When asked how and when he started getting into skincare, the Home Alone alum joked: “Whenever Brenda started schmearing stuff on my face.”

The pair first met in 2017 in Thailand on the set of Seth Green’s movie Changeland. Since then, they’ve welcomed two sons, Dakota, born in 2021, and another baby boy, born March 2023. Song and Culkin also confirmed that they had gotten engaged in 2022.

Culkin also said that although the couple shares their jar of Multi-Active moisturizer, the similarities in their routine end there.

“It took Brenda about an hour and half, and Mack about 5-8 minutes,” they both joked of their pre-red carpet routine, noting that “the biggest difference about their routines is that Brenda has one.”

In another exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the event, Song joked that “He has no skincare routine.”

“If he washes his face with water at night, I’m lucky. I’m the one that has to smear stuff on his face,” she said of Culkin.

“He’s like a boy who’s like, ‘I’ve never had to do anything. I’m never going to do anything.’ I was like, ‘Not the case for me,’ ” she joked. “It took me an hour and a half to get ready [for this event], and he came up at the last minute and in five minutes, he was done.”

Culkin joked that the main thing he’s learned from Song about skincare routines was “that apparently they exist and perhaps I should consider having one.”

In her own interview, Song also shared that their relationship has helped her to feel her most beautiful, regardless of any moisturizer.

“I think he’s the one that really made me feel the most beautiful when I’m about to go to bed and I have nothing on my face and I’m so tired,” she said of Culkin. “We’re about to watch some really silly thing on TV, and he looks at me, and [I’m like], ‘He makes me feel so confident.’”

“I have someone who makes me feel beautiful without a stitch of makeup on, because he has to sit through my 20-minute self-care at night,” she added.

After a long day attending red carpet events, Culkin revealed that their nighttime routine involves some skincare for Song and a glass of wine for himself.

“Relaxing with a glass of wine and waiting on Brenda to finish her night time skin care routine and wondering why it takes her so long,” he said, describing their bedtime routine. “Crime Scene Kitchen is not gonna watch itself.”

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