American Horror Story Season 12: Stephen King’s Tweet Affirms This Season Features the Most Riveting Cliffhanger Yet

Even Stephen King tweeted about the midseason finale cliffhanger of American Horror Story season 12, which stars Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian.

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in American Horror Story: Delicate

Anna Victoria Alcott’s (Emma Roberts) journey in American Horror Story season 12 is a terrifying one from the very first episode. While she dreams of fame and fortune, she also wants to become a parent, but her fertility problems have made this difficult. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s AHS has long been considered one of the best anthology TV shows and AHS: Delicate has impressed and frustrated fans in equal measure.

Even popular horror author Stephen King, known for writing It, Pet Semetary, and The Stand among many other books, is a fan of American Horror Story. When King tweeted about the midseason finale of American Horror Story season 12 in the fall of 2023, his words proved that AHS season 12 has a memorable and thrilling cliffhanger that might be the best one yet.

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in season 12 of American Horror Story: Delicate

American Horror Story season 12, which is called “Delicate,” might have some connections to the other eerie seasons of the Ryan Murphy horror show.

Stephen King’s Tweeted About American Horror Story Season 12’s Mid-Season Cliffhanger

Anna (Emma Roberts) screaming in the shower in American Horror Story: Delicate

In November 2023, after the mid-season finale of American Horror Story season 12, Stephen King posted on X about the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. He wrote:

“AMERICAN HORROR STORY/DELICATE left me hanging. Talk about a tease.”

Stephen King’s tweet proves that American Horror Story season 12 has the best cliffhanger of any season yet. At the end of episode five, “Preech,” Anna’s publicists want her to answer a difficult question: is she more interested in winning an Oscar than becoming a mother? While she says yes, viewers know that parenthood has been a dream of hers and that she isn’t being entirely truthful. Then the American Horror Story season 12 mid-season finale cliffhanger happens: rival actress Babette Eno (Taylor Richardson) dies in a horrible car crash and Sibhoan Corbyn (Kim Kardashian) makes a creepy phone call. It’s implied that Sibhoan might have been involved in Babette’s death or perhaps she even killed her. This sets up the rest of the season and makes every scene between Anna and Sibhoan terrifying to watch.

When fans discussed King’s tweet on Reddit, some said he was praising the way the ending of American Horror Story season 12 part 1. Others thought that he was frustrated with the fact that the story wasn’t wrapped up and fans didn’t get answers to their biggest AHS: Delicate questions. It’s possible that the legendary horror author meant a little bit of both: American Horror Story often includes great and exciting cliffhangers… but sometimes that can be disappointing.

Since Stephen King is a fan of past American Horror Story seasons, it makes sense that he has been so invested in American Horror Story season 12. In January 2014, he tweeted about AHS: Asylum, which has a creepy ending. He wrote:

“Man, I loved Jessica Lange singing ‘The Name Game’ in ASYLUM. That was class in action.”

In a 2008 oral history of Stephen King’s IT miniseries, Stephen King told Yahoo! Entertainment that Pennywise influenced Twisty The Clown:

“And you’ve seen Pennywise’s influence echo through the years. On American Horror Story: Freak Show , there was a guy dressed up as a clown, and that character owes a lot to Pennywise.”

The Most Exciting Moments In American Horror Story Season 12

Sibhoan (Kim Kardashian) in American Horror Story: Delicate

There are a series of memorable moments in American Horror Story season 12, although none is quite as eerie and compelling as learning that Sibhoan Corbyn might have been responsible for Babette Eno’s death. Another big moment is when Anna Victoria Alcott’s husband Dex Harding (Matt Czuchry) finds his mother Virgina Harding’s (Debra Monk) dead body. This moment from the American Horror Story season 12 midseason premiere “Opening Night” is one of the most shocking American Horror Story season 12 deaths. It adds to the already dreadful and scary atmosphere that has been building since the first episode.

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in American Horror Story: Delicate

Another thrilling, yet disturbing, moment occurs in “Opening Night”: Anna wonders if she should stop acting andSibhoan slaps Anna before telling her that society expects women to give up their careers when they become parents. Since this season is about the choices that people make in their personal and professional lives, along with the secrets that they hide even from those closest to them, this is an important scene.

Finally, there is the moment in episode 4, “Vanishing Twin,” when Anna brings a dead raccoon inside, puts it in baby clothes, and begins taking care of it. While there are big reveals in the American Horror Story season 12 part 2 premiere, this raccoon scene is significant. Like the interaction between Anna and Sibhoan, it also emphasizes this season’s theme of motherhood vs. career.

It’s also incredibly creepy and is as haunting as scenes with the scariest American Horror Story villains such as Twisty The Clown and The Rubber Man. While the American Horror Story season 12 finale will likely feature some visually arresting and terrifying moments, nothing compares to seeing Anna treating a raccoon like a baby.

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