American Horror Story: The Dark Secret of Twisty the Clown Revealed!

Twisty The Clown is one of the most unforgettable characters in American Horror Story and there’s a lot to know about his background.

Twisty The Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show

Twisty The Clown is one of the most memorable American Horror Story characters, and he has a proper backstory that explains his origins and personality traits. In every season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series, a talented cast plays a variety of characters ranging from completely evil to seemingly kind-hearted and holding many dark secrets close to their chests. Even the most obvious villains have some layers to them, which is what makes each season compelling.

There’s a lot to know about American Horror Story character Twisty The Clown, from his important place in his season to his detailed backstory. By the end of his season, fans feel that they have gotten to know him well.

Twisty The Clown Is A Villain In American Horror Story Season 4

Twisty The Clown in American Horror Story season 4

Twisty The Clown is a villain in American Horror Story season 4, which is subtitled “Freak Show,” and also one of the scariest villains in the AHS franchise. This is thanks to his gruesome appearance and the fact that he has a larger-than-usual mouth with ragged-looking teeth.

John Carroll Lynch plays this memorable character who first appears in the American Horror Story season 4 premiere, “Monsters Among Us.” He kills three people right away: a married couple and a teenage boy. He then kidnaps the couple’s young child and the high schooler’s girlfriend and puts them in an old bus, which is one of the creepiest settings in the whole season.

Throughout American Horror Story season 4, which has a shocking ending, Twisty The Clown continues to murder unsuspecting and innocent people, which adds tension to the already powerful story. It’s compelling watching Twisty interact with the various characters as there are some who have the same ill intentions that he does. In episode 2, “Massacres and Matinees,” for example, Twisty becomes frustrated with Dandy Mott (Finn Witrock) when Dandy’s mother Gloria (Frances Conroy) asks Twisty to entertain her son. Dandy is nosy and Twisty doesn’t like that. When Dandy sees that Twisty The Clown has kidnapped two kids, he wants to join in on his evil plans.

Dandy and Twisty’s strange dynamic becomes even wilder as season 4 progresses. In episode 3 “Edward Mordrake (Part 1)”, Dandy wants to follow in Twisty’s footsteps and keeps visiting those two kids so he can make their lives miserable. He also wears a Twisty-inspired Halloween costume. Twisty has a horrible influence on Dandy, who becomes another American Horror Story villain.

It was smart to include Twisty The Clown in American Horror Story season 4. Clowns have been terrifying figures in many people’s imaginations for a long time. There’s a reason why Art The Clown in the Terrifier franchise is so unforgettable and effective. Just like Art, Twisty has a unique and memorable name and a desire to kill everyone who crosses his path.

What Is Twisty The Clown’s Backstory?

Twisty The Clown in American Horror Story: Freak Show

There’s a lot to know about Twisty The Clown’s background. While American Horror Story has a talented recurring cast, the horror anthology series is also known for making sure that its characters are as fleshed out and well-developed as they are creepy. That makes each season worth watching and that’s why the show is still interesting, even 12 seasons in.

Twisty The Clown had a horrible infanthood and childhood. He hit his head on the floor when he was a baby and someone dropped him, which affected his cognitive development and resulted in a disability. In 1943, he got a job that resulted in a false scandal when his co-workers at the Traveling Carnival which is run by Rusty Westchester said that he hurt kids. While some American Horror Story characters aren’t explained, viewers find out a lot about Twisty.

Twisty The Clown moves back home to Jupiter and tries to end his life after a period of time. He takes a shotgun to his jaw, which changes the appearance of his face and makes it impossible for others to ignore him. Twisty realizes that he should make a mask that he can wear on the lower part of his face.

Twisty’s backstory is heartbreaking and he’s a well-crafted character. It’s clear that he never wanted to come back to Jupiter, which makes him feel trapped. While mourning the complicated loss of his mother, who passed away from alcoholism, he can’t escape the things that people say about him. He does terrible things and kidnaps children with the belief that he is helping them and that their parents are the ones who are causing them harm and distress. But American Horror Story makes it clear that Twisty has endured a lot of pain and suffering in the past. While he isn’t a horror villain with a complicated backstory because his past is easy to understand, Twisty The Clown remains one of the most riveting and terrifying American Horror Story characters.

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