Chance the Rapper Stuns Fans with Soulful A Capella Rendition!

The Voice Coach previewed a new song in a super authentic way.

Chance the Rapper just teased new music in the best way.

On April 12, The Voice Coach shared a preview of a new track to preview his upcoming concert in his hometown of Chicago. In the artsy clip, Chance sits on a stool and snaps his fingers while singing a capella. His voice sounds super raw and soothing, as the acoustics in the room complement his tone perfectly.

Check out his beautiful, surprise vocals here.

“I’m singing some new songs at the show tmw night at my new venue @ramovachicago . All proceeds to @socialworks_chi,” he wrote in a caption.

It’s been a year since Chance last released a new song. The rapper has steadily released singles and features in recent years since his last new solo album The Big Day was released in 2019. He also dropped a Christmas album with Jeremih in 2020, Merry Little Christmas Mama, and in 2023 Acid Rap‘s 10th anniversary edition.

Chance the Rapper on coaching The Voice Season 25

Currently, Chance the Rapper is killing it as a Coach on Season 25 of The Voice. In a February interview with NBC Insider, he explained how his approach is different in comparison to Season 23 when he first joined.

A closeup of Chance The Rapper during The Voice Season 25 Episode 9

Chance The Rapper appears in The Voice Season 25 Episode 9. Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

”Last season I was really intent on judging based on the round, right?” he told us. ‘”Cause it’s like, you’re in the moment, this is the performance you gave regardless of how well it went in rehearsal, in green room… but also, that’s not the way that the real industry works.”

He continued, ”There are really big moments, but there are a ton of moments. And if you were really judged and critiqued off of singular moments, then we wouldn’t have careers. We wouldn’t continue doing it. So [I’m] having the grace to recognize the Artists that you really wanna work with and have these moments with and give those platforms to is something that I’ll probably bring into this new season.”

He also talked about his favorite part about being on the coaching team. ”I really love doing the show for a lot of reasons, and I think one of them is just the creative outlet that you get in collaborating with Artists, on re-imagining songs with The Voice band, which is one of the greatest bands and always has the greatest players on TV,” he said.

“We’re surrounded by great Artists, being with the Coaches is inspiring, and so is the crew. Everybody’s funny! That’s the cool thing is we’re always joking around, we’re always doing some dumb stuff, and it’s like, whether you’re on camera or not on camera, there are great moments that we have,” he added.

When Chance first joined The Voice in Season 23, he revealed to NBC Insider, “I wanted to be a Coach on The Voice because I like giving platforms to young Artists — especially people who are already seasoned in their trade and know what they’re doing but just need the right spotlight. I wanted to be a part of the process.”

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