Clash of Styles: Can Maddi Jane’s ‘Sassy’ Performance Top Kamalei Kawa’a’s ‘Beautiful’ Song on ‘The Voice’?

Maddi Jane performs ‘New Rules’ and Kamalei Kawa’a sings ‘All of Me’ on Team Chance’s ‘The Voice’ Knockouts.

Monday night is the second night of the Knockouts for Season 25 on The Voice with coaches Reba McEntireJohn LegendChance the Rapper and Dan + Shay pairing up the remaining members of their teams for sing-offs.

However, the Knockouts differ from the Battles in that they are not duets. Rather, each of the artists selects their own song which gives America a chance to see who they are as a performer.

This year, the Mega Mentor is country great Keith Urban who will be working with the coaches and the artists on the songs that they’ve chosen to prepare for their performances, but it will be up to the individual coaches as to who goes through to the Playoffs.

Facing off on night two are Team Chance’s four-chair turn Maddi Jane singing Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” hoping to Knockout two-chair turn Kamalei Kawa’a performing John’s “All of Me.”

“That was so crazy,” Shay Mooney said at the conclusion of the Knockout. “That was two very different performances in the best kind of way.”

Then his partner Dan Smyers said, “Kamalei, that’s such an incredible song. It’s an all-timer, but you took it and made it sound like not a cover, like Kamalei singing that song.”

Shay continued, “Maddi Jane, in a song like that that’s very dance-y, you were able to bring out your voice and some of those high notes were ridiculous. Chance has his hands full because both of you deserve to be here. It was just a phenomenal performance.”

Next to critique was John, who thanked Kamalei for singing his song.

Maddi Jane

“One of the things I’m known for on this show is I am tough on people covering my songs, but I was really into your version,” he said. “It was beautiful. The whole demeanor with how you carry yourself, the gratitude and your spirit, it comes through in your voice and we feel that. Maddi, I love that you take on a lot of songs that require breath control, a lot of rhythmic singing. Not easy to do in a singing competition. You were really creative and artistic in also finding ways to show, ‘Hey, I can sing, too.’ I don’t know who Chance is going to choose, but I know I have a Steal left.”

In point of fact, there are two Steals left. Chance used his Steal to take Kyle Schuesler away from Dan + Shay, and Dan + Shay used their Steal to keep country artist Tae Lewis on a country team when Reba let him go. So, John and Reba both have their Steals.

Reba also didn’t give any advice to Chance, telling him he was on his own to make a decision, but she did tell the artists, “Kamalei, your voice just makes me feel good. Kind of like every time I go to Hawaii. Your people are so warm and welcoming, and you brought that. Maddi, you are a force of nature. The sassiness, the attitude, very talented.”

The final words of the night come from Chance.

“Amazing performances,” he told his artists. “Kamalei, it’s hard to cover John because he has such a specific tone. Being able to evoke the feeling of these lyrics that John wrote is a talent in and of itself. Maddi, you have such confidence and attitude on stage. But then you also have the vocal talent to back it up, which is a big deal. Like John was saying, doing a song that’s so rhythmic is a difficult thing. I thought that was so awesome.”

So who is going through to the Playoffs? Tune in to The Voice on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to find out who Chance chooses. The Voice also streams next-day on Peacock.

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