Epic Endings Await: 10 Theories About the Thrilling Finale of American Horror Story: Delicate

American Horror Story: Delicate will shortly release the final episode of the season, but as for what will happen, the mystery is yet to unfold.

American Horror Story: Delicate is fast approaching its final episode, but how the series will wrap up is still up for debate. American Horror Story first began airing in 2011 and introduced the world to the dark and depraved imaginings of the brilliant creatives Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series quickly established itself as the most popular anthology horror series, and with each new season, the story has gotten more expansive and entertaining.

Now in its twelfth season, AHS: Delicate is a story developed by the creators, which draws heavy inspiration from the novel, Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine. The central plot, the main characters, their names, and many other fine details are all directly adapted from the novel, which suggests that the end of the series could follow the original text. However, the series has also taken some liberties, and AHS often aims to subvert expectations, so the final episode may still hold some surprises despite the existence of the source material.

10The Ashley’s Return

Siobhan Corbyn taking a selfie with two of her assistants in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 ep 6

Image via FX

While very little is known about what will happen in AHS: Delicate Part 2’s final episode, there has been a notable absence from the first three episodes. The Ashley’s played a pivotal role as the first women in the all-black costumes with large plumage on top. However, despite their role in Anna Alcott’s award win, and previous births which appear to have ties to the occult, they have since only appeared briefly in one episode, in a phone call between Anna and Siobhan. This is highly unusual as they were in the background and had a much smaller presence than before.

However, there were several ample opportunities for them to appear in the final episodes of part 2 prior to the finale, especially considering how prominent the all female cult has been. One episode was entirely dedicated to exploring the lives of Sonia and Adeline, who had considerable ties to the cult. It makes sense for these mystery characters to return with a greater presence in the finale and finally reveal their true nature and purpose.

9Religious Connections

Ms. Preecher at the hospita in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 Ep 8Image via FX

Throughout this season, AHS: Delicate has had frequent references to religious symbolism and overt scriptural quotations. The very first episode of the season was titled; “Multiply Thy Pain.” This is actually a snippet of a verse in the Book of Genesis, which, when read fully, states “Unto the woman he said, I will multiply thy pain and thy conception; in pain thou shalt bring forth children.” This is a pretty clear connection to the subject of the season so far.

The finale is titled “The Auteur.” This has a direct in-universe tie-in with the film which Anna starred in and subsequently won the Oscar for, which was also called “The Auteur.” But when examining the word, it appears to suggest a powerful meaning which is often used in reference to directors and filmmakers who make significant contributions and are deeply involved with the formation and shaping of their work to the point that they become known as the author of the piece. This title could also be used in religious contexts, and within the season to suggest the greater powers pulling the strings.

8The Auteur Of Anna’s Baby Is Revealed

Siobhan Corbyn holding the script of the horror movie "Rosemary's Baby" in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 Ep 8Image via FX

Along with these religious overtones, it would make sense for the true father of Anna’s child to be revealed. Early in the season, Anna receives a round of IVF, seemingly to have Dex’s child. However, the series went on to see Anna suddenly lose the baby. Shortly after, it appeared as though the child was still alive and well despite very obvious signs that the baby had been lost earlier. This also came after some mysterious scenes that may have been real or imagined where Anna was abducted and potentially had another surgery or ritual performed on her.

Whoever, or whatever is behind all of the mysterious goings-on is sure to be revealed in the season finale. Whether the father of the child is a devil, a demon, Dex, or something else, there are forces working to make this baby happen. The finale is the last chance to finally expose what is really going on, and who is involved. However, the series has already revealed several characters that could play a pivotal part.

7Rosemary’s Baby Tie-In

The representation of Mia Farrow filming a movie in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 Ep 8Image via FX

This season of AHS has been compared to the iconic horror film Rosemary’s Baby several times. Because of the similar plot and themes, it appears to have a strong connection with the 1968 movie. And, one of the three episodes of part 2 released so far reveals a direct connection as it portrays actress Mia Farrow in the film. In addition, the doctor, played by Denis O’Hare, is named Doctor Hill in AHS: Delicate, which happened to be the name of the personal doctor to Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby.

If these connections are intentional, and the series is planning to progress in a similar direction to the movie, it could lead to an interesting finale. In Rosemary’s Baby, the film ends with the young woman discovering that the child she was told had been stillborn was in fact alive. However, the baby had jet black eyes, and was revealed to be the literal son of the devil. It is possible that AHS could replicate this ending, including the moment where the desperate mother gives in to their motherly instincts and chooses to raise the child despite their supernatural condition.

6Connections To Coven

Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery from American Horror Story: Coven

Another common theory regarding AHS: Delicate is that it will contain some sort of connection to earlier seasons of AHS, specifically CovenCoven was the third season of AHS, and it followed a young group of powerful witches who were undergoing trials to see who would become the next High Witch. One of the central characters in this season was a young woman named Madison, played by Emma Roberts, who plays Anna in Delicate. Now, while many characters have returned to play alternate roles in AHS, there have also been other links to Coven throughout the series.

Madison, specifically, has appeared in later seasons, like season 8, Apocalypse. Roberts could be cameoing as Madison, or possibly, Anna and Madison are one and the same. This may not be as far-fetched as it initially appears, considering Madison had been a famous actor prior to joining her coven. Now, slightly older, it’s possible that Anna is Madison with her memory clouded by an opposing coven, and she may snap out of her confusion in the final episode and reveal her true identity as a powerful witch.

5Hestia, The Greek Goddess Appears

Annabelle Dexter-Jones's Adeline looks down at a knife in American Horror Story Delicate episode 7

Recent episodes like “Ava Hestia” drew clear connections to the Greek goddess, Hestia, the virgin goddess of the hearth and home. Adeline explains briefly the mythology surrounding Hestia, whom she named her restaurant after. However, Hestia also has a role as the goddess who receives and prepares all of the sacrifices to the gods. From the little that has been shown of the cult in the series, they appear to indulge in some form of sacrifice, and sharing meals and rituals to maintain their youth.

With this in mind, it may be the Greek goddess herself who is behind the cult. The cult chanted in Latin reciting these words, and it could be an indication that this mythological goddess has something to do with the rituals. If so, the final episode could reveal Hestia as being the goddess whom the cult worships, and the one currently trying to harvest a child from Anna.

4The Delicate Condition Ending

Cora holds Anna's head and watches her while she is lying down in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 Ep 8Image via FX

At the end of Delicate Condition, Anna gives birth to her child. However, leading up to the birth, both her best friend, who was in a coma, Siobhan, and her partner, Dex, die. They die separately, but it ultimately means that Anna is alone for the birth. She gives birth to a healthy child, and names them after her best friend Siobhan, and then she goes on to achieve great success as an actor and director. However, It’s also revealed that her child is inhabited by Siobhan’s spirit, and Anna appears to now be a part of the occult.

AHS: Delicate may choose to move in a similar direction, with Anna joining the cult, and her closest friends and partners dying. Siobhan is played by Kim Kardashian in AHS, and she has a much more prominent role that seems to be connected to the occult, although she has not been seen in a black gown so far. Anna has committed to Siobhan twice that she wants an Oscar more than her baby. It’s possible that Anna has sold her soul, and will become a part of the cult, gaining everything she ever wanted with her recent Oscar win.

3The Baby Is Healthy

Anna and Siobhan look at each other and smile as they arrive at the Oscars ceremony in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 Ep 8Image via FX

Or, the series could subvert all expectations and Anna could give birth to a healthy child. Despite her visions and hallucinations, Anna could be about to deliver a normal baby. And, if the series chooses to kill off people like Dex and Siobhan, it could clear a path for Anna to start a new life with her child.

However, this does seem like the least likely possibility as AHS does not tend to end on a purely happy note. Some other subversive twist, like the child being possessed by the spirit of her friend Siobhan, or even her partner’s ex-wife, Adeline, appears much more likely. Adeline was revealed to be sacrificed in episode 8, “Ava Hestia,” so she could have had her spirit transferred by her family and friends in the cult. This would be a major twist, worthy of other AHS season finales.

2The Baby Is A Demon

Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in American Horror Story Apocalypse

Alternatively, the series could also follow the Rosemary’s Baby narrative and depict a devil child. Most everything about Anna’s pregnancy has been shrouded in mystery, and with characters like Ivy blatantly interfering with the pregnancy, it does appear that Anna could have had her pregnancy forcibly terminated, making room for the child of the devil to be born from her womb.

Whether Anna will be entirely separated from this child, or if she will be brought in to raise it remains unclear. However, if the child is some sort of demon, that further connects with other parts of the series where an antichrist was born, and grew up to lay waste to the world. What exactly Anna’s baby has to do in this grand plan is unclear, but it could be related.

1Anna Alcott Dies Like Dex’s First Wife

Aerial shot of Anna Victoria Alcott surrounded by 5 Barbie dolls while looking at her cellphone in American Horror Story: Delicate season 12 ep 6

Image via FX

Finally, the AHS: Delicate finale could see Emma Roberts’ Anna die by the hands of the cult. Many of the women who are close to Anna have been revealed as cult members. From the woman providing them with a place to stay, to the woman who manages the property, and even Dex’s late wife, they all either were, or currently are, in the cult. And the cult appears to be working towards some special payoff.

In American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8, “Ava Hestia,” Adeline is sacrificed by her family and former friends. She is cut open, in order for them to bathe in her blood and the blood of her pregnant womb. While the cult chose to do this much earlier in the pregnancy, it is possible that they have been preparing Anna for a similar fate, and they may either raise her child, or kill it. However, it does appear that the child Anna is about to give birth to will not be a normal human child, as they have been preparing for a perfect specimen.

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