Mysterious Characters from American Horror Story in Need of Clarification. Did Kim Kardashian participate in the show before season 12?

American Horror Story has a lot of stories and characters. It does a good job of addressing them, but there are still some it hasn’t spoken to yet.

American Horror Story_Gimp Suit

American Horror Story has changed television as we know it by weaving together a multitude of storylines and characters. Balancing this many points of attention, not just in individual seasons but also in the overarching story of the show, may seem like a daunting task. However, AHS seems to keep up well. Already, viewers have seen multiple instances where the past life of a character affected the story. Furthermore, it’s been shown that characters from past seasons tend to make a re-appearance in later ones.

Though the ultimate purpose for weaving all these stories and characters together across the seemingly completely different seasons is still uncertain, the use of it is obvious. It suggests that each character will be important to the grander story at some point. However, with that in mind, viewers must wonder about the significance of more ambiguous characters in the show.

American Horror Story_Twisty

While there is a collection of characters that have unexplained backgrounds and who have yet to re-appear or come up in a later season of the show, a few in particular raise some eyebrows. From lingering questions about their existence, to how interesting they are, these characters deserve more of an explanation.


American Horror Story_Angel Of Death

In AHS, Shachath is the angel of death. Unlike the grim reaper, the angel of death is portrayed as compassionate and gentle. In the series, she serves as a sort of escort for souls that are ready to pass on to the other side. She reflects spiritual figures from a few different religions, which perhaps contributes to the trustworthy air about her character.

Despite her seeming so trustworthy, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about her. For instance, will viewers get an explanation of her past life? Who she was before this? Will we learn how she came to be an angel of death? Lastly, what will be the significance of her being the one to guide the souls of several characters to the other side?


American Horror Story_Scathach

Viewers do get a bit of background on Scathach, as they learned in the Roanoke show that she had been blamed for the misfortune of the crew of a ship she was hiding on. To escape their cruelty, she turns to dark magic to overcome her oppressors, and she ultimately goes on to become the first Supreme. But her rise to power wasn’t without the fall of her morals.

Considering this, the ambiguity around her character isn’t so much about her past, but her future. The intense power, cruelty, and impact of her character seem to suggest that her influence will somehow affect the story later on. As audiences have already seen in Coven and Apocalypse, the witches have a lot of control in keeping powers balanced in the monster world.

3The Axeman

American Horror Story_Axeman

As viewers have seen in 1984, it’s not uncommon for the serial killers that have previously been introduced in the show to re-appear in a later season that’s set during their time period. The Axeman belongs to the era just before the 1920s, which would easily make for a fascinating period to explore the show’s usual patterns.

Just like many of the serial killer characters in the show, the axeman is based on a real killer, which alone makes him creepy enough to revisit. Viewers get a brief idea of what his past was like, but his future is left open, as he’s stuck in the afterlife in a realm with Fiona. The richness of his character and his relevance to Fiona, a notable witch that was the mother of the current Supreme, make him an interesting character to further explore.

4The Gimp (Cult)

American Horror Story_Cult Gimp

The Gimp scene in Cult was possibly one of the darkest and hardest-to-watch scenes yet. The shuddering impact of the scene – though brief – surely could not have been for nothing.

There are a multitude of unanswered questions around this character. While we know who was keeping him, we don’t know how he got to that point or what his significance will be to the show later. There are a couple of other unclear gimp suit moments after this one that make viewers wonder who’s behind the mask. No matter who he is, because of the continuous use of the gimp suit in this show, it’s safe to say he must be significant.

5Kathy Pizazz

American Horror Story_Kathy Pizazz

A new character on the list, there’s automatically a layer of mystery and power present in the way the cabaret singer and entrepreneur carries herself in NYC. She serves as contrast to her surroundings, but seems to have a greater control of them than others may realize

The way that her character is presented hints that she may play a big role in the most recent series of the show, and perhaps in the greater storyline. From her business endeavors to the people she interacts with (both customers and employees), there are already too many connections running through her for her to not have deeper roots in the story.

Though it’s possible that viewers may simply never see these characters again, the questions they raised during their respective seasons and even now, suggest that we maybe should. It’s impossible at this point to know exactly which direction the creators plan to take the AHS story, or how long they plan to carry it out. But they certainly have no shortage of options. While it’s always exciting experiencing the new characters of the show, it wouldn’t be a let down to see some of these intriguing characters come back up.

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