Noughties pop icon is set to release a new song featuring superstar Mariah Carey TWENTY years after its original recording

His fans were recently left unhappy after a recent gig

NOUGHTIES pop icon Daniel Bedingfield is set to release an unheard superstar duet recording from over twenty years ago.

The Gotta Get Thru This singer has confirmed plans to unleash the record from the vault in an attempt to see if it can go viral and become a smash hit.

Mariah Carey will be heard on Daniel Bedingfield's unreleased ballad
Mariah Carey will be heard on Daniel Bedingfield’s unreleased balladCredit: Instagram/Mariah Carey
The star is planning to release some of his never before heard tracks

The star is planning to release some of his never before heard tracksCredit: Rex

The star rose to fame in the early 2000s
The star rose to fame in the early 2000sCredit: PA:Press Association

Daniel revealed that he recorded a song with music diva Mariah Carey back at the peak of his career.

Sadly, the track never received an official release with the popstar admitting it has been sitting on his hard drives ever since.

The ballad is titled Thousand Life Times and is set to be a welcome treat to fans of both singers.

Speaking about his decision to finally release the hit track, Daniel said: “It really burns a hole in my heart, just sitting there unreleased. The fans would love it.”

He was chatting with the Daily Star about his new business venture which will see many of his unreleased tracks finally teased to the public to see if they can go viral or not.

Speaking about the abundance of his music that had been overlooked by record labels, he told the publication: “There are hundreds and thousands of songs that are recorded and left on hard drives, hundreds of the best albums I have ever heard that record companies have just never released.

“And so what I am fascinated with right now is creating a system to get those unreleased songs released.

“Because the record companies don’t care about them but the artists really do, and the fans do.”

His business, titled H00ks, will see him release 40-second snippets of tracks to see if they will perform well on TikTok.

In recent years, many of the globe’s chart-toppers have gained success thanks to developing traction on viral social media platform TikTok.

‘Very self indulgent’ complain Daniel Bedingfield fans as star ‘fails to play hits and leaves stage after an hour’ at comeback gig

Artists have also adopted a strategy of teasing a short snippet of tracks for weeks before its release in order to drum up as much enthusiasms and excitement for the track’s official release date.

Daniel is now hoping to replicate this and the releases that perform well will see an official release.

He added: “Fans create videos for them blow them up on socials and then the artist knows, ‘Oh actually this music that is unreleased is the hit as it’s going viral’.”

Recently, the singer came under fire from disappointed fans who were left slating his latest concerts after being left underwhelmed at the lack of recognisable songs.

He became a chart-topper and an award winner

He surprised fans when he announced a return to the spotlight with three UK music gigs.

But the recent show at Manchester’s Bridgewater hall left fans unimpressed, with many blasting his performance as “self indulgent”.

Writing on social media, one fan wrote:“30 minutes in and Daniel Bedingfield is yet to sing a “hit,” Feels like a quite selfish concert, singing new material and doing him a disservice as his voie is still great.”

Another wrote: “Really really poor, a show consisting of a load of new material that nobody came to see, very self indulgent. Sang probably 4 old songs at the most, voice went and left the stage after just over an hour. I love him but this was just disappointing!”

Meanwhile another fan also said they left the venue ‘disappointed.’

“I was really disappointed too. Seemed very self indulgent lot’s of new songs very few hits, even though it was advertised as a celebration of twenty years since the successful two albums. Voice went halfway through and it was like he didn’t want to sing the well known songs.”

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