What If Michael Finds Himself Caught in the Epicenter of the Generation’s Most Explosive Rap Feud Between Kendrick Lamar and Drake?

I don’t know if you pay attention to rap music but there’s a rap battle going on between two of the most famous rappers of this generation, Kendrick Lamar and Drake and somehow Michael has gotten caught in between this, and even Prince. I wanted to break this down for the people that may not be aware of this, so here we go..

So Drake has for a long time made the comparison between him and Michael because of himself breaking streaming records and all that. He’s also been paying homage to Mike a lot with his music videos, dances etc. In march the artist called Future released a song called ‘Like That’ featuring Kendrick Lamar, and in that song Kendrick said:

Kendrick Lamar and Drake rap beef, diss tracks explained

“Your best work is a light pack, N**** Prince outlived Mike Jack” – Kendrick Lamar

This immediately started internet discussions about the old never ending argument about who was the better artist: Prince or MJ? Drake then, a couple of weeks later, responded with his own diss song called push ups where he said:

”What’s a prince to a king? He a son, n****” – Drake

Disses aside, the MJ aspect seemed to be tongue in cheek and not something serious, but it took a darker turn on their last diss records. Kendrick responded with a 6 minute diss track called euphoria in which he name dropped Michael and Joe which seemed to just be apart of a witty entendre and nothing deeper, but then, back to back, Kendrick released another diss song called 6:16 where he spoke about Drakes camp being infiltrated by double agents. In this song Kendrick ended the song by saying:

”It’s time you look around on who’s around you, before you figure that you’re not alone
Ask what Mike would do.” 
– Kendrick

Now, what happened next is in my opinion absolutely disgusting and just reinforces the opinion that I’ve had of drake for a long time, that he’s an opportunist that will attach himself to anything that will boost his image. Drake then released another diss called ”Family Matters” where he said

Michael Jackson : Cuộc tranh cãi về các bài hát chưa phát hành

”It’s all on your face like what happen to Mike
Oh s**t, it’s all making sense, maybe I’m Prince and you actually Mike
Michael was praying his features would change so people believe that he’s actually White
Top would make you do a features for change, get on pop records and rap for the Whites” – Drake

They’re going back and forth and unfortunately Mike seems to be caught up in this. They’re never going to let Michael’s name rest and I’m sure were going to be hearing more of this. I’m not sure how far they will take it but considering Kendrick is claiming that drake is a p**phile, I’m just waiting for the inevitable. Just wanted to share this with y’all.

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