American Horror Story Season 12: Is Sibhoan Evil?

Is Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story season 12 character Sibhoan actually a villain?

Sibhoan (Kim Kardashian) in American Horror Story: Delicate

This article contains spoilers for the American Horror Story season 12 finale.

American Horror Story season 12 was all about Anna Victoria Alcott’s (Emma Roberts) creepy pregnancy, dead raccoons, and the belief that Anna couldn’t trust anyone in her life. While she’s married to Dex Harding (Matt Czuchry) and has her dream job as an actress, she is terrified of her stalker and wondering what’s really going on.

One of the most significant characters in American Horror Story season 12 is Sibhoan Corbyn (Kim Kardashian). Sibhoan is Anna’s sophisticated yet eerie publicist who wants Anna to win an Oscar. While fans wonder if AHS: Delicate has ties to past seasons of the Ryan Murphy anthology TV series, fans also want to know more about Sibhoan’s true nature and intentions. Is Sibhoan evil on American Horror Story season 12?

Is Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story Season 12 Character Sibhoan Evil?

Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story Delicate

TheAmerican Horror Story season 12 finale revealed that Sibhoan is evil and that she has been behind everything that has happened to Anna. In episode 8, “The Auteur,” Anna learns that Sibhoan is Dex Harding’s mother and has been stalking Anna since she was born. Sibhoan put one of her eggs in Anna’s body because she wanted Anna to give birth to a terrifying and incredibly strong creature.

Why did Sibhoan stalk Anna and force her to have a baby? Sibhoan is the leader of the eerie cult and wants to produce babies that will murder men and run the world. This was a shocking reveal and, thankfully, the American Horror Story season 12 finale answered questions that AHS: Delicate fans had, particularly about Sibhoan’s place in Anna’s world. While of course fans of the anthology TV series are used to these types of big moments, it was still wild to learn about Sibhoan’s plans. Even if fans had theories about this character, they likely didn’t guess this.

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in American Horror Story: Delicate

After a surprising ending to part of AHS: DelicateAmerican Horror Story season 12 ended with Sibhoan turning into dust after Adeline and Anna say a strange chant. While Anna wins an Oscar and Sibhoan helped her get what she wanted, Anna might be part of the cult now, which is definitely a big change in her life. This is an effective season finale since it proves that Sibhoan had ill intentions all along and that she was lying to Anna for a long time, which is something that fans had wondered about.

Sibhoan’s American Horror Story season 12 character being evil also makes sense since AHS: Delicate has a lot in common with the classic horror movie Rosemary’s BabyJust like Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) gives birth to a demonic baby, Anna gives birth to her baby in the season 12 finale, and the infant is definitely horrifying. Rosemary and Anna are in the same position as people keep telling them that they’re just making it up but they know that something is wrong.

There are a lot of Rosemary’s Baby quotes that are applicable to Anna’s creepy visions and fear that someone is going to take her baby. For example, Rosemary says:

“This is no dream! This is really happening!”

Who Are The Villains On American Horror Story Season 12?

Annabelle Dexter-Jones in American Horror Story: Delicate

While Sibhoan is the main villain on American Horror Story season 12, there are a few other creepy characters throughout the 8 episodes. The biggest potential villain is Preecher (Julie White), who stalks Anna in several scenes. It turns out that Preecher is actually good and is trying to tell Anna that she is involved with a cruel cult who want her baby. Preecher talks to Anna outside her clinic and attempts to tell her about the danger that she’s facing, but it seems like Preecher is Anna’s stalker. Even though Preecher isn’t evil like Sibhoan, she still scares Anna and ruins her life.

What Other Actors Starred In American Horror Story Season 12?

Grace Gummer
Michaela Jaé Rodriguez
Leslie Grossman
Billie Lourd
Tavi Gavinson
Denis O’Hare
Dominic Burgess

Other eerie characters include Ivy Ehrenreich (Cara Delevingne) and Sonia Shalcross (Annabelle Dexter-Jones), who looks just like Dex’s late wife Adeline. However, no one comes close to Sibhoan. She is one of the scariest American Horror Story villains because she is Anna’s publicist and pretends to look out for her best interests and her career. Instead, Anna could have died because of Sibhoan. Although some fans criticized Kim Kardashian’s acting, there’s no doubt that Sibhoan’s terrifying role in Anna’s life made American Horror Story season 12 compelling.

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